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Artificial Intelligence at Disney

Artificial Intelligence at Disney

The Walt Disney Company began in 1923 as the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio. By 1940, Walt Disney Productions issued its first stock. Today, the multinational family entertainment and media conglomerate is one of the Big 6 media companies. 

Artificial Intelligence at Nike

Artificial Intelligence at Nike – Two Current Use-Cases

Nike was founded as Blue Ribbon Sports in 1964 and originally operated as a distributor for athletic shoes made by a Japanese firm. By 1971, Nike sold its own line of shoes and began using the company’s iconic Swoosh design. By the time Nike went public in 1980, the company had achieved a 50% market share in its domestic athletic shoe market.   

Artificial Intelligence at AT&T

Artificial Intelligence at AT&T – Two Current Use-Cases

AT&T traces its history to 1875 when Bell Telephone was founded soon after Alexander Graham Bell patented his invention of the telephone. Today, AT&T is the world’s largest telecom and the largest mobile telephone service provider in the US. 

Artificial Intelligence at Oracle

Artificial Intelligence at Oracle – Two Current Use-Cases

Founded in 1977 by a team of engineers led by Larry Ellison, Oracle became the world's largest database management company by 1987. Today, Oracle claims a long list of innovations including:

Artificial Intelligence at Airbnb

Artificial Intelligence at Airbnb – Two Unique Use-Cases

Airbnb started with two roommates, three air mattresses, and expensive San Francisco rent. In late September 2007, Joe Gebbia hatched the idea to Brian Chesky: rent out air mattresses to young designers in town for a conference. They would include internet, a workspace, breakfast, and a roof over their heads.

Artificial Intelligence at Square

Artificial Intelligence at Square – Two Use-Cases

Square is a financial services company that aims to “build common business tools in unconventional ways so more people can start, run and grow their businesses.” Founded in 2009 in San Francisco by Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey and Jim McKelvey, Square reports total net revenue of $9.5 billion for 2020.

Artificial Intelligence at Amazon

How Amazon Uses AI in eCommerce – Two Use-Cases

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world by market cap. Founded in 1994 in Seattle, Washington, as a book-selling platform, Amazon has become a household name offering a wide variety of products and services. As of 2020, online retail product sales account for most of the company's net revenues, followed by third-party retail seller services, Amazon Web Services, and subscription services.

Artificial Intelligence at Tesla

Artificial Intelligence at Tesla – Two Current Use-Cases

Founded in 2003 as Tesla Motors, the electric vehicle and clean energy company based in California currently has a market cap of over $700 billion - making it more valuable than the top seven automakers combined. Today, Tesla is well-known for its electric vehicles but the company also produces products for sustainable energy generation and storage such as solar panels, solar roof tiles, and more to enable “homeowners, businesses, and utilities to manage renewable energy generation, storage, and consumption”.