Stay Ahead of the AI and NLP Curve

Natural language processing (NLP) will be one of the most prevalent AI approaches in business in the decade ahead – and a fundamental understanding of what NLP can and cannot do can be a help for literally any nontechnical professional who wants to spot AI opportunities in their own role or industry. We’ve created this guide to give you the edge.

In This Brief 8-Page Guide, You'll Learn:

  • Critical Business Use-Cases. Discover four critical current use-cases of natural language processing, with references to their implications across sectors (finance, healthcare, retail, and more).
  • Capabilities and Limitations – in Simple Terms. Get a clear picture of what NLP is capable of, and what it cannot do – along with useful insights on applying it within a business context (for chatbots, for enterprise search, and more).
  • Must-Have NLP Insights. Receive our must-have resources for getting “up to speed” on NLP, including a quick-reference resource list of articles and interviews to address your specific questions.