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Artificial Intelligence at Tesla

Artificial Intelligence at Tesla – Two Current Use-Cases

Founded in 2003 as Tesla Motors, the electric vehicle and clean energy company based in California currently has a market cap of over $700 billion - making it more valuable than the top seven automakers combined. Today, Tesla is well-known for its electric vehicles but the company also produces products for sustainable energy generation and storage such as solar panels, solar roof tiles, and more to enable “homeowners, businesses, and utilities to manage renewable energy generation, storage, and consumption”. 

AI at Walmart

AI at Walmart – Comparison to Amazon, and Two Unique Use-Cases

Sam Walton opened his first Walmart in Rogers, Arkansas in 1962, capitalizing on his twelve years of success running Walton's 5&10 in downtown Bentonville seven miles down the road. Walton founded his company on the idea that retail could succeed by offering great value and great service. His competitors thought his idea was doomed to fail. Today, almost sixty years later, Walmart has transformed itself into a multinational corporate supergiant ranked as the largest company in the United States by gross sales in 2020, according to the Fortune 500.

AI at Apple

Artificial Intelligence at Apple – Two Current Applications

Founded by Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Wozniak in 1976, Apple is a global technology corporation specializing in consumer devices, software, and online services. 

AI at General Electric

Artificial Intelligence and Digital Twins at General Electric

General Electric (GE) was founded in 1889 by J.P. Morgan and Anthony J. Drexel who came together to finance Thomas Edison’s research and merge their companies together. Originally, GE was an industrial and consumer products company but today, more than 130 years later, GE has transformed itself into a multinational, digital industrial corporation ranked as the 33rd largest company in the United States by gross sales in 2020, according to Fortune 500.

Artificial Intelligence at Coca-Cola

Artificial Intelligence at Coca-Cola – Two Current Use-Cases

Today, Coca-Cola is the world’s largest beverage company, selling over 500 soft drinks in more than 200 countries. In 2020, Coca-Cola had over 80 thousand employees worldwide.

The AI Behind DeepMind's Alphafold 950x540

The AI Behind DeepMind’s AlphaFold – and its Implications for the Future of Drug Discovery

This is a contributed article by Kristóf Zsolt Szalay. Kristóf is Founder and CTO at Turbine.AI, and holds a PhD in molecular biology and bioinformatics. To inquire about contributed articles from outside experts, contact [email protected]

Deploying a Chatbot in Financial Services

Deploying a Chatbot in Financial Services – Strategic Considerations

Our AI Opportunity Landscape research clearly demonstrates how chatbots are relatively over-hyped in the marketplace, and most buyers drastically overestimate their effectiveness as a result. Some of our press releases about the bloviated claims about chatbot deployments have ruffled the feathers of conversational interface vendors.

Understanding Predictive Maintenance in Manufacturing

Understanding Predictive Maintenance in Manufacturing

The hypothesis is simple:

Equipment breakdowns or downtime is extremely expensive (imagine a train broken down on isolated tracks, hundreds of miles from the nearest depot)
Heavy equipment (engines, wind turbines, manufacturing machines) produce various streams of data (heat, vibration, time-series, etc)
Machine learning could be used to detect "failure patterns" in that data, helping businesses to maintain equipment health more effectively