AI Articles and Analysis in Manufacturing

Artificial Intelligence at DHL@2x-min

Artificial Intelligence at DHL – Two Applications at the World’s Largest Logistics Company

DHL is a German logistics company that offers parcel delivery, express mail, freight forwarding, and third-party logistics. Its parent company is Deutsche Post (‘DPDHL’), the world’s largest logistics enterprise, operating in over 220 countries and employing more than 510,000 people worldwide. 

The Importance of Real-Time Telemetric Data in Manufacturing@2x-min

The Importance of Real-Time Telemetric Data in Manufacturing – with Remi Duquette of Maya HTT

The manufacturing industry has changed in recent years. Humans on the shop floor have always used their senses and experience to anticipate machine failure before it occurs. Now, AI can be used in conjunction with human expertise.

PLUS – 001 – AI at ExxonMobil-min

Artificial Intelligence at ExxonMobil – Two Applications at the Largest Western Oil Company

ExxonMobil is the largest investor-owned company in the world and the largest oil company by revenue in the Western world.

Making AI Come 
to Life in Heavy 

Making AI Come to Life in Heavy Industry – with Nikunj Mehta of Falkonry

While the steel industry may not be synonymous with AI adoption, steel manufacturers are not different from any other business in ensuring efficiency in their output and throughput. There are almost certainly opportunities for AI implementation across an industry worth hundreds of billions of dollars that currently lags behind in adopting AI technology.

Artificial Intelligence at Chevron 950×540

Artificial Intelligence at Chevron

Chevron is the second largest producer of oil in the United States (Exxon Mobil). The company is traded on the NYSE (symbol: CVX) and has a market capitalization of approximately $322 billion.