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AI for Homeland Security - Current Applications

AI at the US Department of Homeland Security – Current Projects

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) routinely handles large amounts of data. Its mandate is to “keep America safe,” and that encompasses many fronts. This includes anything to do with potential threats to the nation, ranging from border security to cybersecurity, so “big data” would be an understatement. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence technology for Homeland Security was inevitable.

Artificial Intelligence for Pharmaceutical Research and Development

Artificial Intelligence for Pharmaceutical Research and Development

The facilitation of research and development (R&D) is perhaps the most common use case for AI applications in the pharmaceutical industry. There are numerous solutions for extracting and organizing research data from clinical trial notes and other medical documents. Additionally, there is software that can purportedly analyze data from images of drug compounds at the molecular level.

Big Data in the Military - Intelligence Gathering and AI

Big Data in the Military – Preparing for AI

Large volumes of data, managed properly, are a boon for many industries, including the military. It would not be possible to mount effective military operations without knowing the when, where, and what in deploying resources. Military big data, therefore, helps defense leaders make better decisions, provided it is not “dark data.”

AI-Based Document Digitization in Healthcare – What’s Possible

AI-Based Document Digitization in Healthcare – What’s Possible

Machine vision has numerous use cases within the healthcare industry, including clinical solutions such as medical imaging and medical diagnostics. There are also possibilities in white collar automation such as medical transcription.

Predictive Analytics in Banking - Current Applications

Predictive Analytics in Banking – 4 Current Use-Cases

AI applications for the banking and finance industry include various software offerings for fraud detection and business intelligence. There are also predictive analytics applications outside of these that help banks automate financial processes and services that they offer their customers and provide internal analytics.


Artificial Intelligence at the FBI – 6 Current Initiatives and Projects

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has figured in many works of fiction as well as documentaries because what they do fascinates people. The representations have not always been favorable, but most people agree they have spearheaded many advances in science and technology in law enforcement.