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We've been called upon to present our proprietary AI insights for the United Nations (AI and Robotics Division), the World Bank, and global enterprises. Make your event shine with world-class AI insights and engaging, powerful presentations.

Commonly Requested Topics


Mapping the AI

Win deals, win profit margin, win market share. We align your initiatives and goals with the AI capabilities to win in your competitive market.



Benefit from a team of experts focused exclusively on competitive AI strategy, and reduce the risk of your most important AI-related initiatives.


The Dynamics
of AI Power

See what's possible with AI, and what's working. Our complete maps of AI capabilities help you survey the entire capability-space of AI with confidence.

Praise for Emerj Presentations


"Emerj is the best source for the business impact of artificial intelligence - which is why I invited Daniel to present at Harvard University. I've personally followed Emerj research for years. Daniel clearly shows how important it is to dig behind the press releases and to find the levers that matter to make AI deliver value in the enterprise."

Richard B. Freeman
Herbert Ascherman Professor of Economics
Harvard University

"We brought Daniel and Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research for their deepfakes and the implications of AI in security. The presentation highlighted the important trends in AI for security, and the impending shift to programmatically generated video and images. We chose Emerj to do it, it was because we worked together on number of occasions and we were sure that they could bring the right insights to the table."

Irakli Beridze
Head of the Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
United Nations, UNICRI

“We put came together with a number of different organizations to sponsor Dan’s trip to our event because I knew he was the right person for the job. I consider Dan to be one of the most competent experts in analyzing the AI business landscape – one of the rare people who can explain the complexity in clear terms for business leaders. We had executives of both public and private companies riveted with Dan’s practical ideas about AI’s near-term applications. Audiences that need to know what’s around the corner on the cutting edge of AI definitely need Dan there.”

Bob Wright
Rear Admiral, US Navy
Chairman of Events Committee, Business Executives for National Security (BENS)

“Dan was like a sherpa to our executive audience, navigating the applications of AI in business in a way that helped us see along our own paths. AI can be technical, but Dan brought us simple strategies to ‘stress test’ AI ideas, and ask the right questions to drive value in the enterprise. I feel like on a professional level, I can speak with more clarity to AI’s real value.”

R. Eric McCarthey
Regional Director, National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD)
Retired 30-Year Senior Executive Officer, Strategic Planning, Coca-Cola Company
CEO, Shelty-Viking Capital Group LLC



Pricing and Availability - Emerj Presentations



We generally speak 2-4 events per month around the world. Bookings must be made at least 45 days in advance.



Presentation pricing depends on presentation length, and other services. Presentations within the continental United States start at $14,000, international events start at $18,000.

Optional supplementary services are available for most presentations. Pricing varies depending on the client's needs. Optional services include:


Presentation workbooks, handouts, and supplementary materials


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