AI Articles and Analysis about Data auditing

Data auditing is the process of conducting a data audit to assess how company's data is fit for given purpose.

Managing Model Development@2x-min

Managing Model Development – with Katie Bakewell of NLP Logix

As a business practice, model development aims to create a dataset, tailored through machine learning, that can accurately predict outcomes or classify data based on input variables. By following a structured approach, developers can ensure that the model development process is efficient, effective, and reproducible.

Intelligent Automation for Enhancing RPA in Banking@2x-min

Intelligent Automation for Enhancing RPA in Banking – Two Use Cases

Critical to the definition of robotic process automation (RPA) is the notion that the tasks a 'robotic' software automates are repetitive by nature, with exceptions in rare instances. While RPA cannot independently learn from and adapt to new contexts and workflow problems, it can if the RPA system is imbued with the correct AI capabilities. 

What Enterprises Can Learn from How Google Models AI Readiness@2x-min

What Enterprises Can Learn from How Google Models AI Readiness – with Pallab Deb of Google Cloud

It is exceptionally difficult to get started, much less succeed, in AI adoption if one does not have at least a foundational education, particularly in those “modules” pertaining to AI capabilities, requirements, and organizational readiness. A business wanting to implement AI must understand the current state of adoption and how this current state matches up against AI readiness requirements.