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Critical Capabilities - The Prerequisites to Successful AI Deployment

Critical Capabilities – The AI Prerequisites to Successful Deployment

Over the last four years, interviewing hundreds of AI researchers and AI enterprise leaders, we've consistently heard the same frustrations about AI adoption said time and time again.
"Culture is hard to change."
"Leadership doesn't know what they're trying to accomplish."
"Nobody knows what to do with these data scientists we've hired."
In our one-to-one work with enterprise clients, we've taken the most prevalent, recurring challenges to AI deployment and put them together into a framework of "prerequisites" to AI deployment.

3 Content Marketing Principles for AI Products and Services

3 Content Marketing Principles for AI Products and Services

Content marketing encompasses many ways to advertise and attract new potential customers. At Emerj, we've worked on hundreds of campaigns for AI-related products and services, and what we've learned is that content marketing for AI vendors boils down to two things:

How to Convert More Leads for AI Products and Services

How to Convert More Leads for AI Products and Services

Companies often emphasize artificial intelligence on their homepage or on services pages. While AI is currently an important topic, a simple mention of it on a website’s homepage will not get potential customers interested. Instead, it is more important to focus on the direct needs of the stakeholders who find an AI vendor website and their online properties in order to get them closer to a sale. 

A Pathway to Career Acceleration

A Pathway to Career Acceleration – Getting Started with AI

In this article, I showcase 6 examples of nontechnical professionals who used their business and subject-matter expertise (not their coding ability) to have more exciting careers in AI, and I respond directly a number of questions and comments from Emerj subscribers about AI knowledge for career advancement

Finding AI Trends

3 Ways to Discover AI Trends in Any Sector

Business leaders, managers, and consultants with an eye on AI aren’t just trying to learn what AI can do, they’re trying to discover ways to gain an AI advantage.

AI Knowledge as a Career Accelerator 2 950x540

AI Frameworks for Success – Bring Value to Any AI Initiative as a Non-Technical Professional

This is the second article in our "AI for Career Acceleration" series - be sure to read the first installment (and watch the video on that page).

AI Knowledge as a Career Accelerator 1 950x540

The AI Career Gap – AI Knowledge as a Career Accelerator

Last month we ran a podcast series on the AI in Industry podcast on the theme of “Advancing Your Career in the Era of AI”, with a focus on how non-technical professionals can become more valuable in the market, and can become involved in AI projects and initiatives, without ever learning to code.
I received twice as much feedback on this series as any other series we’ve ever run on the podcast - which surprised me.
It surprised me because I think about everything on as being useful for nontechnical professionals. We’ve built our editorial calendar and our products around the needs of nontechnical professionals who want to make the most of their careers, but this recent series spoke to that topic directly.
But hitting directly on the theme of “Advancing Your Career in the Era of AI” clearly hit a cord.
For that reason, I’ve decided to release a three-part video and article series on that same topic, breaking down the lessons that were most important for me - and sharing a bit of my own story going from small-town martial arts instructor to international AI speaker and strategist.
Here's a short video from me about this three-part series before you read the article below:

Pitfalls to AI Adoption in the Enterprise 3 of 3 950×540

Predicting the ROI of AI – Pitfalls to AI Adoption in the Enterprise (Part 3 of 3)

In the final installment of the "Pitfalls to AI Adoption" series, we talk about predicting the ROI of AI. There are a lot of misconceptions running rampant around the ability to gauge the return on investment of artificial intelligence. In this article, we talk about what can and can't be done when it comes to investing in artificial intelligence and predicting what the return might be.