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Immediate Access to AI White Paper Library, AI Use-Case Explorer, AI Best Practice Guides, and other Emerj Plus Benefits

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Emerj Plus

Lifetime Access to AI White Paper Library, AI Use-Case Explorer, AI Best Practice Guides, and other Emerj Plus Benefits

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What’s Included in Emerj  Plus?

What’s Included in an Emerj Plus Membership

The Emerj Plus Membership is designed to give consultants, advisors, and innovation leaders the roadmaps and AI ROI insights they need to build trust, close deals, and deliver transformative value with AI.

Explore the benefits and features included in your membership:

Consistent coverage of emerging AI capabilities across industries, winning AI use-cases, analysis of top AI vendors, and more - with a consistent focus on the ROI of AI.

Gain instant access to every AI White Paper Emerj has to offer - all in one convenient resource library. With one simple click, download any PDF cheatsheet, guide or AI framework Emerj has published. Discover exclusive "Emerj Plus Only" AI White Papers, published every quarter.

Explore AI use-cases across sectors with the Emerj AI Matrix, a visual map of AI applications across sectors - broken down by analyses of enterprises, analysis of vendors, deep-dives into specific technologies (computer vision, natural language programming), and more - exclusive to Emerj Plus members.

Learn from industry insiders, AI experts, and AI leaders within global organizations like Raytheon, Facebook and AirBnB with podcasts and primary research. Search hundreds of past interviews for topics and quotes to make your business case stronger.

Learn to cut through hype and make smarter AI strategy decisions with our member-only AI Executive Guides.

  • Know the latest AI capabilities disrupting your client's industries
  • Have a quick view of the ROI of different AI applications, giving you the ability to make an impactful business
  • Stay ahead of new AI trends to make smarter strategic decisions

In-Depth Analysis

Exclusive AI White Paper Library

Access to Industry Experts

Exclusive AI Capabilities Matrix

Best Practice Guides

  • Steer the conversation with a clear, concise view of AI capabilities that most of them lack
  • Quickly access AI solutions and use-cases related to the business challenge you’re facing
  • Find new “blue ocean” opportunities by seeing new capabilities and ROI ad adjacent sectors well ahead of your peers and competitors
  • Distilled advice from AI leaders at Microsoft, IBM, NVIDIA, and more - providing simple steps to find success with AI projects
  • Proven frameworks to give you an edge in AI strategy

There is no better way to gain expert knowledge than reading these guides. In fact, we have a special curriculum of just 8 articles that can take any businessperson from total AI novice, to heading-up innovative AI projects.

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