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Predictive Analytics in the Pharma - Current Applications

Predictive Analytics in Pharma – Current Applications

It may feel as though AI applications like machine vision and natural language processing hold the most potential value to pharmaceutical companies because of their capabilities to intake and transform unstructured medical data. This is especially true with machine vision, as medical imaging data can be used across multiple departments when analyzed by AI software.

Big Data in Insurance - Current Applications

Big Data in Insurance – Current Applications

Even during a time when the buzz around AI and digital data storage is prominent, there are still some companies with large amounts of backlogged data that are taking up space in their databases, but not providing enough value. Large stores of enterprise and customer data can be valuable to insurance companies for optimizing their business operations and gaining analytical insights on how their business decisions affect company growth.

Artificial Intelligence at the CIA – Current Applications

It is clear the United States government has recently taken a strong stance in attempts to proliferate artificial intelligence technology innovations for the United States Department of Defense. There are those who believe that the US, Russia, and China have entered into a modern day Space Race-style competition to develop and harness artificial intelligence technologies.

AI in the Automotive Industry - an Analysis of the Space

AI in the Automotive Industry – an Analysis of the Space

In this article, we explore the applications of AI software within the automotive industry from production and manufacturing to insurance and transportation. We will discuss the equipment involved in collecting and analyzing data along with the potential value they offer to manufacturers, shared mobility companies, insurers, and drivers.

Machine Vision in Insurance – Current Applications

When it comes to the possibilities for AI in the insurance space, it may seem like machine vision is an inevitable choice for any insurer looking to have as much information on the insured property, car, or people as possible. However, this may still yet to be the case for many insurers. The insurance space has a relative lack of case studies for this type of AI software. This may indicate a lack of demand from the insurance industry or a lack of traction on the part of the technology's use in insurance.

Autonomous Vehicles in the Military – Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and BAE Systems

Autonomous Vehicles in the Military – Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and BAE Systems

It is clear the US military has taken an interest in exploring the capabilities of autonomous vehicles for the battlefield. Michael Griffin, Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering for the US Department of Defense, reported to lawmakers in the United States Congress that 52% of casualties in combat zones have been attributed to military personnel delivering food, fuel, and other logistics.