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The AI Consulting Podcast

If you want to start or grow an AI consulting business, you’re in the right place.

The AI Consulting Podcast helps AI service providers, advisors, and consultants to find more AI opportunities, grow their companies, and deliver more value to clients.

Each week, Emerj founder Daniel Faggella interviews AI services and consulting leaders to discover how they started and grew their firm – and the AI skills and best practices that have allowed them to help their clients succeed.

Each episode of The AI Consulting Podcast is focused on insights to make you a trusted AI advisor, including:

  • How to start and grow an AI consulting practice
  • How to find AI opportunities
  • How to develop an AI strategy and roadmap
  • How to determine the ROI of AI projects
  • Much more…

Don’t be on the wrong end of disruption – hear straight from AI’s best and brightest. Subscribe below and browse our latest episodes:

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