AI in Industry Podcast

The AI in Industry Podcast

It’s easy to find skepticism or hype when it comes to artificial intelligence, but it’s hard to get real facts and trends that matter for business leaders. That’s exactly what we do each week on the AI in Industry podcast.

Each week, Emerj Founder Daniel Faggella interviews top AI and machine learning executives, investors, and researchers from globally renown organizations.

Will millions of downloads across hundreds of episodes spanning over five years of interviews – AI in Industry is the B2B AI podcast.

Business and government leaders listen to AI in Industry because we cover what matters to them:

  • Critical trends and applications of AI
  • Which AI applications are driving real business value, and which are still experimental
  • Strategic AI considerations for business planning
  • Likely AI trends and disruptions, and what top executives are doing to take advantage of them

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Coming Up Next

Each month we focus on a new theme on the AI in Industry podcast. Explore some of our past themes and see what’s next:

  • October 2019: Advancing Your Career in the Age of AI
  • September 2019: Planning Your Corporate AI Strategy
  • August 2019: Unlocking the ROI of AI
  • July 2019: AI Adoption – Getting Started with AI (Guests from Microsoft, NVIDIA, Comcast, Glasswing Ventures)

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