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What Trust Automation Means for Insurance Leaders@2x

What Trust Automation Means for Insurance Leaders – with Christian van Leeuwen of FRISS

COVID-19 did not just bring waves of diseases and contagious variants across the world starting in early 2020 – a tsunami of fraud soon followed the broad sweep of a pandemic that would engulf the global insurance industry. 

AI Impact in EMEA@2x

AI Impact in EMEA – Advice from Leaders in Banking, Insurance, Life Sciences and More

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AI at AllState 950×540

Artificial Intelligence at AllState – Current Applications at One of America’s Largest Insurance Firms

The Allstate Corporation, or simply ‘Allstate,’ was founded by Sears, Roebuck & Co., then-president General Robert E. Wood in 1931. Auto liability insurance began as the company’s flagship product and remains so today. The company added various coverage types throughout the 50s and 60s, including commercial, health, life, and personal liability insurance. 

How the Coronavirus Will Change AI Innovation in Insurance

How the Coronavirus Will Change AI Innovation in Insurance

The insurance industry is being disrupted like it hasn't in decades. Unlike other events like Hurricane Sandy or even the 2008 financial crisis, the coronavirus is impacting essentially every corner of the world and more or less every industry.

Top 3 Most Funded AI Startups in Insurance – An Overview

Top 3 Most Funded AI Companies in Insurance – An Overview

Several key insurance carriers began to experiment with AI in the last decade, including Progressive, All-State, and State Farm. Although not as large as the banking and retail industries, the AI vendor landscape in insurance is growing.