AI Articles and Analysis about Text analysis

Content analysis is a wide and heterogeneous set of manual or computer-assisted techniques for contextualized interpretations of documents produced by communication processes in the strict sense of that phrase (any kind of text, written, iconic, multimedia, etc.) or signification processes (traces and artifacts), having as ultimate goal the production of valid and trustworthy inferences.

Managing Model Development@2x-1-min

The Value of Topic Search in Detecting Signals with ROI – with Ben Webster of NLP Logix

In the era of big data, companies need help navigating through an overwhelming volume of unstructured data to uncover meaningful insights. The topic search process presents unique challenges in deciphering data signals and identifying critical information before problems escalate.

AI for Customer Experience-Focused Marketing – with David Greenberg of Conversica@2x-min

AI for Customer Experience-Focused Marketing – with David Greenberg of Conversica

From work-from-home policies and digital-first communication with prospects – the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically accelerated many trends already in progress for businesses and consumers. Among sales teams, digitally enabling buyer journeys became a must-have almost overnight.