The Future of Banking CX in APAC Use-Cases of Conversational Automation and AI

Sponsored Webinar:

Sponsored Webinar:

Discover Crucial Use-Cases and Trends

CX has been the main focus of companies in most industries for the last couple of years now. Covid-19 and the pandemic that the world is facing today have only enhanced the importance of CX, as companies have found themselves forced to implement digital transformations inside their organizations.

This new webinar, co-created by Emerj and Uniphore, explores the future of customer experience in the banking world and the CX challenges it faces by looking at specific scenarios.


The challenges and opportunities in the banking industry

What are the various CX issues the banking sector is now dealing with. Understand the possible benefits of using an automated layer to address these problems.


What are the most important trends that are leading APAC banking firms to reconsider their CX strategy

Identify the current trends influencing the banking sector as well as the critical function AI analytics plays in a successful CX strategy.


What are the most important business processes to improve with AI

How can the use of automative systems such as virtual assistants improve the efficiency and customer experience in the banking industry?


What do leaders need to understand in AI adoption in order to be succesful?

What mindset, resources, and strategies must be in place to have the highest chance of a strong ROI?

In this short one-hour webinar, you’ll gain insight on:

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The Future of Banking CX in APAC-Use-Cases of Conversational Automation and AI

Daniel Faggella

CEO, Head of Research
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