Cost per Case: The Economic Impact of Conversational AI and Automation

Sponsored Webinar:

Sponsored Webinar:

Discover Crucial Use-Cases and Trends

Today, a record number of people bank online. A recent survey by Chase Bank found that four out of five people said they prefer online banking to in-person interactions. Additionally, the rivalry is high because more financial institutions are providing remote service choices. Banks must design an appealing, simple-to-use client experience that strikes a balance between high-quality service and operational effectiveness if they want to stand out. A simple, affordable solution with a wide range of use cases is provided by conversational AI.

This new webinar, co-created by Emerj and Uniphore, explores how businesses can use conversational AI to improve in the field of technical support as well as the steps that they need to implement in order to develop an effective and efficient AI strategy.

In this short one-hour webinar, you’ll gain insight on:


Challenges in Technical Support

What industries require complex technical support? Which are the high-tech-specific challenges?


Challenges in classification

How can troubleshooting, consistency, and quality become a challenge for business ?


Finding the “AI Mindset”

What are the steps that businesses need to follow to implement an effective AI strategy?

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Cost per Case: The Economic Impact of Conversational AI and Automation

Daniel Faggella

CEO, Head of Research
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