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Daniel Faggella is the founder and CEO at Emerj. Called upon by the United Nations, World Bank, INTERPOL, and many global enterprises, Daniel is a sought-after expert on the competitive strategy implications of AI for business and government leaders.

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AI, Security, and the Virtual World Programmatically Generated Everything 950x540

Beyond Deepfakes – AI, Security, and Programmatically Generated Everything

Deepfakes have made their way into the radar of much of the First World. As with many technology phenomena, deepfakes have their origins in pornography – editing (the Reddit page that originally popularized deepfakes was banned in early 2018). In April of this year, I was asked by UNICRI (the crime and justice wing of […]

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AI Search Applications for Compliance, Contracts, and Human Resources

AI Search Applications for Compliance, Contracts, and Human Resources

There’s an entire artificial intelligence ecosystem for enterprise search. Most of this is in a purely digital world. Most vendors help with a layer of AI-enabled search that understands terms or phrases and is able to return the results or answers to questions that someone types in. But the problem is compounded when it comes […]

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The USA-China AI Race - 7 Weaknesses of the West

The USA-China AI Race – 7 Weaknesses of the West

The great power nations that master the use of artificial intelligence are likely to gain a tremendous military and economic benefits from the technology. The United States benefitted greatly from a relatively fast adoption of the internet, and many of its most powerful companies today are the global giants of the internet age. When it […]

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Regulation of AI as a Means to Power 950x540

Regulation of AI as a Means to Power

(Alternative Montaigne-like title for this essay: “That the Meek Must Feign Virtue”) When I first became focused on the military and existential concerns of AI in 2012, there was only a small handful of publications and organizations focused on the ethical concerns of AI. MIRI, the Future of Humanity Institute, the Institute for Ethics and […]

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Emerj CEO Participated in Roundtable Discussions at the World Government Summit in Dubai

Emerj CEO at AI Governance Roundtable at the World Government Summit in Dubai

Event Title: World Government Summit, AI Governance Roundtables Event Host: United Arab Emirates Date: February 10 – 12, 2019 Team Member: Daniel Faggella, Emerj Founder and CEO Contribution: Roundtable discussions What Happened The World Government Summit is put on every year in Dubai to discuss the future of governance in response to new technologies. This […]

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POWER - A New Artificial Intelligence Series on Emerj 950x540

An Intro to AI Power – A New Series on Emerj

Vladimir Putin has said: “Whoever becomes the leader in [artificial intelligence] will become the ruler of the world.” This may or may not be an exaggeration, but it is clear that advancements in artificial intelligence will set nations apart in terms of economic and military power. Fierce AI competition between powerful nations and powerful tech […]

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Emerj CEO Presented at Harvard on AI in Banking and Finance

Event Host: Harvard Univesity Date: April 12, 2019 Team Member: Daniel Faggella, Emerj Founder and CEO Presentation Title: The Capability-Space of AI in Banking – Impact on Jobs and Revenue What Happened Richard Freedman, a professor of economics at Harvard University, has been an active reader of our newsletter for a number of years, and […]

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Emerj CEO Presented About Deep Fakes at United Nations Headquarters

Emerj CEO Presented About Deepfakes at United Nations Headquarters

Event Title: Artificial Intelligence and Robotics: Reshaping the Future of Crime, Terrorism, and Security Event Host: United Nations Headquarters, NYC Date: April 2, 2019 Team Member: Daniel Faggella, Emerj Founder and CEO Presentation Title: Beyond Deepfakes – AI and the Security Concerns of Programmatically Generated Everything What Happened Irakli Beridze, who heads the artificial intelligence […]

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How Robots Learn – an Interview with Jürgen Schmidhuber

This week, we speak with arguably one of the best-known folks in the domain of neural networks: Jurgen Schmidhuber. He’s working on a lot of different applications now in heavy industry, self-driving cars, and other spaces. We talk to him about the future of manufacturing and more broadly, how machines and robots learn. Schmidhuber uses […]

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Predicting the ROI of AI – Pitfalls to AI Adoption in the Enterprise (Part 3 of 3)

In the final installment of the “Pitfalls to AI Adoption” series, we talk about predicting the ROI of AI. There are a lot of misconceptions running rampant around the ability to gauge the return on investment of artificial intelligence. In this article, we talk about what can and can’t be done when it comes to […]

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