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Daniel Faggella is Head of Research at Emerj. Called upon by the United Nations, World Bank, INTERPOL, and leading enterprises, Daniel is a globally sought-after expert on the competitive strategy implications of AI for business and government leaders.

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Unifying AI Initiatives and Focusing on Impact

One of Australasia’s Largest Banks Unifies Their AI Efforts

The following is a case study for Emerj's AI Opportunity Landscape research. To learn more about how we help companies develop winning AI strategies and identify the highest-ROI applications, watch the two-minute video summary of our AI Opportunity Landscape research.
The bank had many scattered AI projects, but struggled with:

Artificial Intelligence and National Security Economic Impacts and Considerations@2x

Artificial Intelligence and National Security – Economic Impacts and Considerations

In July 2017, The State Council of China released the “New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan," outlining China's strategy to build a US$150 billion Chinese AI industry in a few short years, and to become the leading nation in AI by the year 2030. Other nations followed suit quickly with national AI strategies of their own - with the US trailing behind by nearly two years before developing a semblance of an AI initiative. The proposed 2021 budget for the national security budget in the US is $740 billion - with a billions of dollars being earmarked for AI specifically (learn more: US Public Sector AI Opportunity Report). 

Stuart Russell – AI Governance – Emerj

Stuart Russell on AI Governance – AI Futures Podcast (S1E1)

This week we kick off the first episode in our new AI Futures series. This 12-part series will focus on the near-term and long-term governance of artificial intelligence. Our intention with this series is to take our grounding in the near-term applications or artificial intelligence, and extend the conversation forward to the long-term implications of AI.

How to Succeed with AI Projects - Lead with Strategy

How to Succeed with AI Projects – Lead with Strategy

This article was a request from one of our Catalyst members. The Catalyst Advisory Program is a coaching program involving one-to-one advisory, weekly group Q-and-A with other Catalyst members, and a series of proprietary resources and frameworks based on insights from AI leaders at the world’s largest enterprises (AI adopters and buyers), and successful AI vendors and service providers. Learn more and apply emerj.com/catalyst.

The Survival of AI Startups in the COVID Crisis

The Survival of AI Startups in the COVID Crisis – and Implications for Business

At Emerj, for over three years, we've been tracking the development of artificial intelligence startups and solution providers across industries, speaking to founders and team members and communicating with the enterprise leaders and buyers who depend on this ecosystem of AI solutions. 

5 Phases of a Data Audit 950×540

5 Phases of an AI Data Audit – Assessing Opportunity in the Enterprise

Emerj serves enterprises to form their AI strategies, and data audits are part of Emerj's framework for identifying high-ROI AI projects. In this article, we'll break down a slice of this framework, walking through some pragmatic steps leaders can take to drive toward industry-leading outcomes in their organization.

Your AI ROI Predictions are Wrong - and Here's 3 Reasons Why

Your AI ROI Predictions Are Wrong – Here’s 3 Reasons Why

After spending the last two weekends putting the finishing touches on our new AI ROI Cheat Sheet, my mind is swirling with quotes and AI ROI "rules of thumb" from some of our smartest interviewees and research advisors.

Professional Services Leaders_ Map a Plan for Cost-Cutting, or Get Cut

Professional Services Leaders: Map an AI Plan for Cost-Cutting, or Get Cut

What to do when your clients want to cut costs?

Help them cut costs, and be part of a bigger vision beyond cost-cutting.

Executive AI Fluency

Executive AI Fluency – Ending the Cycle of Failed AI Proof-of-Concept Projects

Despite the billions of dollars being poured into AI startups and applications - it is common knowledge that most enterprise AI initiatives fail.

AI for Pandemic Response

Artificial Intelligence for Pandemic Response and Outbreak Tracking

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused incredible disruption in healthcare systems across the world, as well as an immediate demand for innovative solutions to the growing number of coronavirus patients. Many AI vendors are already trying to find ways they can serve this demand through augmenting their machine learning-powered products - from diagnostics interfaces to radiology solutions and everything in between. 

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