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The Trajectory – v.1-min

Introducing ‘The Trajectory’ – A Specific Editorial Focus on Power and Artificial General Intelligence

This week, I’m announcing The Trajectory, a new video channel, podcast, and newsletter.

In this new series, I’ll delve into the realpolitik of artificial general intelligence (AGI) and the post-human future. 

Jumpstarting International AGI Governance-1

Jumpstarting International AGI Governance – a Snapshot from the Millennium Project’s Recent Expert Survey

Riya Pahuja also contributed reporting to this article.

As AI systems become increasingly capable of greater cognitive functions across vast enterprises and public functions, more severe concern around how these technologies might impact humanity and how those impacts are covered by relevant media is becoming a central talking point across global governing bodies.

The Implications of Generative AI on Investment Banking – v.1

The Implications of Generative AI on Investment Banking – with Andrea Haskell and Val Srinivas of Deloitte

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UNICRI on responsible AI criteria and other tool kits@2x-min

UNICRI-Approved Responsible AI Toolkits for Law Enforcement

The United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI) was established in 1968 as an autonomous institution in response to a United Nations resolution urging expanded crime prevention and criminal justice activities. UNICRI's mission is to advance justice, crime prevention, security, and the rule of law to support peace, human rights, and sustainable development.