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Toronto, Canada 




Deep Genomics is combining world-leading expertise in machine learning and genome biology to transform medicine.

Integrated Systems: Deep Genomics’ scientific and technological roadmap is to build an integrated computational system that can learn, predict and interpret how genetic variation, whether natural or therapeutic, alters crucial cellular processes. These processes include transcription, splicing, polyadenylation and translation, and their alteration can lead to disease or effective therapies.

The technology developed at Deep Genomics is based on machine learning, a powerful and practical form of artificial intelligence. We develop new machine learning methods that can find patterns in massive datasets and infer computer models of how cells read the genome and generate biomolecules. In this way, the unique technology provides a causal interpretation for genetic variation, not just the correlative information given by industry standard techniques. Deep Genomics can even generate networks of known and unknown variants based on how they affect the same cellular processes, something that was not previously possible. Any variant. Any disease.

Deep Genomics’ approach opens the door to a wide range of new techniques for classifying, prioritizing, interpreting and linking genetic variants, whether natural or therapeutic.

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