Fast Methods to Stay Ahead of the AI Curve

Here at Emerj, most of our AI Capability Map services work about finding trends in quantitative data – which requires hundreds of hours of expert research, and established frameworks for interpreting and categorizing data for insight.

While this robust research approach is often the right step for companies who are on their way to building a complete AI strategy – it’s easiest to begin with simple secondary research online – and in this PDF – we reveal some of our favorite ways of hunting down AI opportunities and trends quickly.

In This Simple 4-Page PDF Guide, You'll Learn:

  • To follow the venture money. Discover the right patterns to look for among top AI startups in your sector – and use these common traits to determine promising new AI capabilities that your competitors (and colleagues) almost certainly don’t know about.
  • To let executives tell you the future. While everyone else pays attention to press releases, you can use this Q-and-A method to determine crucial AI trends that probably never make it onto social media – but which are vastly more important and impactful.
  • To tune into industry priorities. Sometimes the present can help us tell the future – and when it comes to areas of AI adoption and traction – this can be one of the most helpful first steps.