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Description: Sift Science has built the world’s most advanced fraud detection system. Using large-scale machine learning technology to predict fraudulent behavior with unparalleled accuracy, Sift Science leverages a global network of fraud data. Catch the fraud that is unique to your business and train your customized model to stop fraudsters in real time. Sift Science’s flexible, adaptive, and automated solution helps businesses of all sizes detect and prevent fraud, before it hits your bottom line.

Products: Payment Fraud: Accurately detect fraudsters in real time with machine learning. Prevent fraudulent transactions and chargebacks before they happen.

Content Abuse: Prevent bad actors from posting malicious or low-quality content that can permanently damage your business’ reputation and drive good users off your site.

Promo Abuse: Leverage real-time machine learning to accurately prevent promo abusers from depleting your marketing budget.

Account Abuse: Accurately detect bad actors in real time with machine learning, and prevent them from creating phony accounts on your site or app.

Device Fingerprinting: Uniquely identifies and tracks every device that accesses your site. Once you know which devices are used by the bad guys, blocking them is a piece of cake.

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