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AI and B2B Customer Journey Signals – with Carlos Quezada of Hewlett Packard Enterprises@1x-min

AI and B2b Customer Journey Signals – with Carlos Quezada of Hewlett Packard Enterprises

Companies that use AI copilots experience numerous benefits, including streamlined processes, improved customer experience, and cost savings. Large language models (LLMs) form the basis of many AI copilot applications. While LLMs have a remarkable capacity to generate humanlike text, that same capability is the reason businesses need to exercise caution in order to prevent misapplications of this otherwise transformative technology. 

Avoiding Disurptions in Supply Chains with AI – Two Use Cases@1x

AI for Avoiding Supply Chain Disruptions – Two Use Cases

This article is co-authored by Rudrendu Paul

Global supply chains face mounting disruptions - pandemic aftershocks, geopolitical conflicts like the Ukraine war, climate events like flooding in Malaysia, and cyber-attacks - all of which have created massive bottlenecks. According to the World Economic Forum, global supply chains are facing the worst shortages in 50 years due to the pandemic and the war in Ukraine.