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Karen Summerson writes about artificial intelligence for Emerj. Prior, Karen served as an editor at Entrepreneur's Organization. Karen earned a Master's degree at SUNY Purchase.

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AI in Pathology

AI in Pathology – Use Cases in Slide Imaging, Tissue Phenomics, and More

AI and machine learning software are beginning to integrate themselves as tools for efficiency and accuracy within pathology. According to a March 2018 digital pathology report produced by Allied Market Research, such software enables the “procurement, management and interpretation” of information and can be applied to multiple functions within the field of healthcare.

Restaurant Chatbots – Comparing 5 Current Applications

Restaurant Chatbots – Comparing 5 Current Applications

Just as chatbots are being created for consumers in the hospitality and fast-food industries, technology companies are also serving those restaurants that wish to take advantage of this emerging technology to better their customer service and maximize their productivity—and profitability.