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Uploading Human Minds – How Close are We? With Randal Koene, PhD

Daniel Faggella

Daniel Faggella is the founder and CEO at Emerj. Called upon by the United Nations, World Bank, INTERPOL, and many global enterprises, Daniel is a sought-after expert on the competitive strategy implications of AI for business and government leaders.

Uploading Human Minds – How Close are We? With Randal Koene, PhD

Randal Koene, PhD, is CEO and founder of, and one of the world’s foremost experts on neurology as it relates to uploading human minds. “Uploading” is still the stuff of science fiction, but it’s a life mission for Koene – and legendary futurists and scientists such as Ray Kurzweil expect it to be possible within just a few decades of progress.

In this interview, we talk about how far along science has come now, and what aspects of research need to evolve in order to replicate human consciousness in another substrate.

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