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Chatbots, Fraud Detection, Robotics in Industry (and More)  - This Week in Artificial Intelligence 11-04-16

Chatbots, Fraud Detection, Robotics in Industry (and More) – This Week in Artificial Intelligence 11-04-16

1 - Carnegie Mellon Receives $10 Million From K&L Gates To Study Ethical Issues Posed By Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning in Robotics – 5 Modern Applications

As the term "machine learning" has heated up, interest in "robotics" (as expressed in Google Trends) has not altered much over the last three years. So how much of a place is there for machine learning in robotics?

The Art of Shaping Tech Realities - Design through Science Fiction

3 Machine Learning Trends That Are Transforming Industries

"Machine learning" is a term that's heard more often in startup and big data circles than "artificial intelligence", and interestingly enough, Google Trends confirms what's already heard through the technological grapevine:

5 Short Videos of Killer Robot That Have a Reasonable Chance of Making You Lose Sleep

#WatchOutForTheRobots – The Latest in Robotic Rear-Search

It’s #WatchOutForTheRobots Wednesday!
“Watch out for the robots” is just a phrase we use whenever we see a crazy technology that clearly has the potential to be pretty darn scary if it ever were to go awry. No, no, this isn’t because we have a pessimistic view of the future (though phronesis in all technological developments / applications is important), we just love finding/sharing this stuff.
You might not expect one of the latest breakthroughs in robotic technology to be a smart derriere, but Dr. Benjamin Lok of the University of Florida, and Dr. Carla Pugh, of the University of Wisconsin, have designed just that, and if you're a man, this electronic posterior may one day save your life.

An Algorithm that Learns like We Do

“Sensitive” Robotics Isn’t What You Think – with WPI’s Eduardo Torres-Jara, CEO of Robot Rebuilt

When Dr. Eduardo Torre-Jara talks about "sensitive robotics," he's not talking about robots that cry when you yell at them.