Getting Started with AI: Proven Best Practices of Adoption

Artificial intelligence is transforming industries, and it is providing competitive advantage to early adopters.
But the headlines hide the fact that success isn’t the norm.
While some companies are adopting artificial intelligence to great advantage - most companies are spinning their wheels with fruitless AI projects that go nowhere.
While some managers and leaders are championing genuinely impactful AI solutions that will drive their business and career forward - most managers and leaders are shepherding projects that were destined to fail (almost as soon as they were conceived).
The fact of the matter is this:

Emerj AI in Banking Vendor Scorecard and Capability Map 2019

Critical Questions That This Report Answers:

What artificial intelligence (AI) applications and use-cases are delivering ROI now for the banking industry at banks like HSBC and Lloyd's Banking Group?
How are back-end banking processes (lending, fraud) and front-end processes (customer service, sales) being transformed or automated at large companies today?
Which AI applications will define the winners and the losers in the banking industry in the next 5 years?
Who are the leading AI vendors serving the banking industry? What are the strengths, weaknesses and case implementations for each of these vendors?