Enterprise AI Essentials – 4 Reports

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The AI ROI Cheat Sheet – 4 Simple Frameworks for Measuring and Ensuring AI ROI

This guide is intended to help internal innovation leaders or outside AI consultants to (a) determine the right ROI measures for an AI project, (b) predict or forecast ROI with as much accuracy as one could reasonably expect, and (c) convey that ROI case to leadership.

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How to Start an AI Consulting or AI Services Firm

When I started Emerj years ago, I had no resources to lean on, and had to learn to sell AI-related consulting services from scratch (with no background in consulting, or in any enterprise sector).

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Generating AI ROI Report – Unbounce

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Catalyst Advisory Program Enrollment

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US Public Sector AI Opportunity Report

From zero to billions.

The United States Government has made tremendous efforts to invest in and adopt artificial intelligence in response to the growing power of China, and the growing capabilities of AI across industries.

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Overcoming Pandemic Disruption – The AI for Business Continuity Action Plan

The impact of coronavirus has already had an unprecedented impact on businesses around the globe.

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[For Professionals in Europe] Generating AI ROI – Best Practices and Frameworks

Most of the questions of our executive readers at Emerj.com ask can be boiled down to one theme:
"Where is the ROI of AI in my sector?"
Applying AI is challenging, mistakes are costly, and seeing a return on investment (ROI) from AI projects is something that every business leader and consultant is looking for.

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