Best Practices of Growth – B2B Lead Generation Blueprint for AI Products and Services

Artificial intelligence companies are leaping onto the scene in every sector - and business leaders are bombarded with a wave of hype and AI exaggeration.
Buyers are skeptical about AI claims, and very few companies stand out in the noise.
While some AI product or service companies are successfully gathering quality enterprise leads – most AI vendors and consultants generate very little attention online, and collect very few leads without outbound or cold calling efforts.
A small percentage of AI product or service firms are generating web visitors and reliably converting them into qualified leads - while most firms flounder with almost no quality inbound leads.
The truth is:

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The AI ROI Cheat Sheet – 4 Simple Frameworks for Measuring and Ensuring AI ROI

This guide is intended to help internal innovation leaders or outside AI consultants to (a) determine the right ROI measures for an AI project, (b) predict or forecast ROI with as much accuracy as one could reasonably expect, and (c) convey that ROI case to leadership.

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How to Start an AI Consulting or AI Services Firm

When I started Emerj years ago, I had no resources to lean on, and had to learn to sell AI-related consulting services from scratch (with no background in consulting, or in any enterprise sector).

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