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How to Start an AI Consulting or AI Services Firm

When I started Emerj years ago, I had no resources to lean on, and had to learn to sell AI-related consulting services from scratch (with no background in consulting, or in any enterprise sector).

If you’re not familiar with my “small town martial arts teacher to international AI strategist” story – you can read about it in this article.

It wasn’t an easy path to discover what kinds of AI services enterprises valued (and had a budget for), and I learned most of my lessons the hard way.

I’ve taken the best of my lessons growing Emerj, and combined them with the success factors I’ve seen amongst our Catalyst Advisory Program members…

…and put together a succinct report called: How to Start an AI Consulting or AI Services Firm.

In this succinct 19-page report, you’ll learn:

  • Part 1: The Economic Opportunity for AI Consulting – Why enterprises need AI consultants now more than ever – and how to “frame” your consulting business to serve these new enterprise AI needs.
  • Part 2: Defining Your AI Consulting or AI Services Brand – How to determine the best set of AI services and offerings to win in the market. This section will help readers determine services and pricing to appeal to enterprise buyers.
  • Part 3: Representing Your AI Consulting or AI Services Brand – A quick-start guide to creating an online presence that is compelling and appealing to enterprise firms, including a value proposition exercise that will set you apart from other consulting and services firms.
  • Part 4: Reaching Initial Customers – A step-by-step guide to initial AI consulting outreach – including one key strategy for tapping your existing contacts to warm up leads who might already be interested in your offerings.

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– Daniel Faggella

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