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Edmund Zagorin

Edmund Zagorin is a procurement expert with a focus on the adoption of emerging and cutting-edge technologies. He covers AI's industry applications through the lens of IT procurement.

Articles by Edmund

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Artificial Intelligence in Insurance 950×540

Artificial Intelligence in Insurance – Three Trends That Matter

Artificial intelligence is likely to affect the entire landscape of insurance as we know it. Change is here, more is coming. Today, the insurance market is dominated by massive national brands and legacy product lines that haven’t substantially evolved in decades. This kind of stagnations has historically suggested that it is an industry ripe to be […]

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Machine Learning in Sales Enablement 950×540 (1)

Machine Learning in Sales Enablement – Applications and Considerations for Sales Leaders

Sales enablement refers to any technology solution designed to increase productivity during the sales cycle, usually for enterprise business development. Whether managing many sales reps in a large organization or increasing a single sales executive’s conversion rates, the primary goal of sales enablement is to push productivity numbers up and to the right. In this […]

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Artificial Intelligence in Commercial Real Estate: Three Ways AI Can Drive Savings

Artificial Intelligence in Commercial Real Estate: Three Ways AI Can Drive Savings

Process automation from AI offers a tremendous opportunity to lower costs associated with commercial real estate, especially those associated property management.

However, some of these advances may create additional costs, particularly those associated with protecting data and safeguarding access to building automation systems. We set out to discover what AI real estate applications are available for enterprises today, and exactly where they present cost saving opportunities for businesses.

In this article we’ll discuss three ways AI will drive opportunities for savings over the next five years:

  • Analytics in building automation systems
  • Automation in property management job functions
  • Machine learning in real estate marketplaces


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Cognitive Procurement – Where it Will (and Will Not) Impact the Enterprise

There’s a lot of buzz about artificial intelligence shaking up enterprise procurement over the next five years. Procurement leaders wonder what elements of their jobs will be augmented – or even fully automated – by the intelligent systems. Which roles are secure from full automation, and how will more “automate-able” jobs have to adapt in the […]

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