3 Latest News Breaks in Emerging Tech – June 2, 2014

Corinna Underwood

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3 Latest News Breaks in Emerging Tech - June 2, 2014

Google Unveils Driverless Vehicle

Google unveiled the latest version of its driverless car last week at the Code Conference in California. According to Google’s website, the unconventional vehicle has no need for any driver controls, such as a steering wheel. The company has spent a number of years equipping conventional cars with special equipment to drive themselves, but this prototype has no human controls other than emergence stop switch. Within the next year, Google aims to build a hundred of these models for further testing on the streets. Google hopes that the introduction of electric-powered, self-driving cars will increase safety and provide a more environmentally friendly mode of transport.

Biotech Factories To Produce Fake Meat

A new study by researchers at Wageningen University, Netherlands has proposed a machine that can create meat cells in a metal container – enough meat to feed a village of 2,650 people a small amount of “fake” beef on a monthly basis. During the process, stem cells are extracted from muscle tissue of chickens, pigs or cows and cultured in a bioreactor. As long as the liquid culture remains sterile, the number of cells would be able to grow exponentially. The 20-meter square bioreactor could feasibly produce 22 pounds of meat per person per year, according to the study. According to a report in the Guardian Newspaper,  the team was inspired to come up with the the study due to concerns over animal welfare and the environmental impact of farming beef.

NYPD Considers Surveillance Drones

According to Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, in a a report in the New York Daily News, NYPD is considering using drones to help combat crime throughout the city. The autonomous machines with built-in cameras and microphones could be used to keep an eye on crime hotspots, such as housing projects, where crime rates are steadily increasing. Police officers are currently researching drone technology to find out which types of devices would be best suited to their needs. The expense for putting drones into play would have to be approved by City Council and Mayor de Blasio who has previously been supportive of this type of technology.

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