3 Latest News Breaks in Emerging Tech

Corinna Underwood

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3 Latest News Breaks in Emerging Tech 7

Bacteria Could be Used to Grow Healing Materials

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have tweaked bacteria, enabling it to grow living materials that may one day be used for healing purposes. Inspired by natural materials such as teeth and bone, the research team reprogrammed bacteria Escherichia colibacterial to excrete special proteins.  This allowed scientists to control the type of materials made by the bacteria. This technology could eventually lead to the development of self-healing materials that could detect damage and repair it.

“In contrast to materials we use in modern life, which are all dead, living materials have the ability to self-heal, adapt to the environment, form into complex patterns and shapes, and generate new functional materials and devices from the bottom up,” said Timothy Lu, a biological engineer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

Farmers Connect Cows to Internet 

The Internet of Things is making another leap farther afield with high tech collar that allow farmers to monitor their cows’ heat cycle in real time. The Silent Herdsman Wi-Fi-connected collar is able to monitor the cow’s movement, to alert the farmer when she is in heat. This is a great money saver in the milk production industry as it’s vital to impregnate a cow as soon as possible after they’ve delivered their last calf. Missing a cycle can mean a loss in sales of around 5 gallons of milk per day.

The device works detecting when the cow is in heat and standing to be mounted by a mate. A cow in heat only stands for 4-6 seconds. Each cow is in heat for 6-8 hours and will make around 1.5 stands per hour. If they occur during the night they may easily be overlooked and the famer will miss a window for artificial insemination. The Silent Herdsman can alert farmers to the optimum heat time whatever the time of day.

Facebook to Expand Global Internet with Drones

One in seven people throughout the world is a Facebook user. Yet up to 20 percent of the world population is unable to log on due to lack of Internet access. Facebook has come up with a plan to extend its limits.

The company intends to use drone and satellites to give access to those who are currently unconnected. The drones will fly at 65,000 feet and beam internet connections  to areas that are moderately populated and will deploy satellites in geosynchronous orbit to reach more remote areas.

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