IBM, Apple and Others Open AI Doors and Invest in Future – This Week in Artificial Intelligence 11-28-2015

Daniel Faggella

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IBM, Apple and Others Open AI Doors and Invest in Future - This Week in Artificial Intelligence 11-28-2015

1 – IBM Turns Up Heat Under Competition in Artificial Intelligence

IBM has entered into the open-source software competition, with giants Facebook and Google, by making its SystemML available for public modification through the Apache Software Foundation. The nearly decade-old program could help developers customize machine-learning software for the purpose of an institution’s needs. The system is designed to work with Spark software, capable of processing bulk data arriving from continuous sources such as mobile phones. The reasons behind the open program release are multi-faceted, but include recruiting new AI experts and talent.

(Read the full article on The Wall Street Journal)

2 – New Paper: “Formalizing Convergent Instrumental Goals”

MIRI Associate and UC Berkeley PhD Candidate Tsvi Benson-Tilsen has written a paper, with contributions from MIRI Executive Director Nate Soares, that expands on the ideas of Steve Omohundro and Nick Bostrom. The paper, which will be presented at the annual AAAI-16 AI, Ethics and Society Workshop, adds precision to an idea that Bostrom calls the “instrumental convergence thesis”. Basically, the idea alludes to the basic drives of any goal-oriented AI, and suggests risks are inherent in creating decision-making machines, even if not programmed to harm society. Benson-Tilsen’s paper aims to test the arguments applicability in simple settings.

(Read the full article on MIRI)

3 – Humai Wants To Resurrect Humans Within 30 Years

The company Humai has a mission to digitally resurrect deceased humans. Using artificial intelligence and nanotechnology, the company states its intent to store data on an individual’s behaviors, thought processes, and other inherent information, which will then be coded into “multiple sensor technologies”, wired to the person’s brain, and installed in an artificial body. In an interview with Popular Science, CEO Josh Bocanegra stipulates that the company will have the technology to resurrect the first human in 30 years.

(Read the full article on Popular Science)

4 – Game Changers—Artificial Intelligence: What You Need to Know

Frost & Sullivan recently published a report on market trends in artificial intelligence titled, Game Changers – Artificial Intelligence: What You Need to Know: Understanding the Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. The full report, available through ReportLinker, defines each terms and then takes a broad look at current applications and the potential impact of AI in business, specifically the financial, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation industries.

(Read the full article on ReportLinker)

5 – Faceshift: Apple Buys Star Wars Motion-Capture Company

Apple’s recent acquisition of Faceshift, a startup in maker motion technology, has stoked increased speculation that the company is looking to amp up its virtual reality capabilities. Though Apple has given no official statement on their intent behind the purchase, the technology is often used in gaming technology and film making. Faceshift has used its real-time facial motion capture technology to create animated avatars and the digital characters in Star Wars. The same technology could potentially also be used for facial identification and security purposes. The purchase bolsters Apple’s existing assets in other European companies – PrimeSense, Polar Rose, and Metaio – in the facial recognition and augmented reality space

(Read the full article on TechCrunch)

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