Fueling AI Services Growth – Five Emerj Media Customer Stories

Matthew DeMello

Matthew is Senior Editor at Emerj, focused on enterprise AI use-cases and trends. He previously served as podcast producer with CrossBorder Solutions, a venture-back AI-enabled tax solutions firm. Prior, Matthew served three years at the World Policy Institute as a news editor and podcast producer.

Fueling AI Services Growth@2x

The AI vendor market is as diverse as the global economy itself. As AI applications evolve into every corner of our lives, so do the expertise and proficiency of the data professionals, business leaders and subject matter experts at the heart of the products and services transforming how we live and work.

Here at Emerj, we work exclusively with B2B AI companies who want their products and services to reach enterprise leaders who need them to streamline workflows and achieve ROI by transforming their businesses through data-based insights. 

Yet different companies come to us with a broad range of kinds of products and services and equally diverse marketing and growth goals.

In this article, we will showcase the stories of five clients – each with their sector of focus, marketing and growth goals – whom we’ve helped deliver substantial benefits at the core of their business needs.

For each client story, we will detail: 

  • The business problem our client was facing when they first approached Emerj to solicit our marketing services
  • The actions Emerj took with our new client to address the stated problem
  • The measurable impact of our actions and how they benefited our clients in achieving their goals

Samba Nova

Since launching in 2017, SambaNova Systems has experienced skyrocketing growth – even by AI vendor unicorn standards. As 2020 came to a close, the company prepared to launch new AI products in both the hardware and software spaces, following a successful series D round of funding led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2 of over $600 million.

The Problem:

The company’s new focus included an enormous R&D investment to help them compete with the most prominent hardware companies in the world – who already had a head start as established firms. To catch up, SambaNova leaders approached Emerj about helping them connect their new technology to enterprise AI value in the eyes of their target audience.

Their marketing messages needed to reach executives reliably and forge new conversations that could help them solidify their product offerings. 

Actions Taken: 

Emerj worked directly with SambaNova marketing professionals to produce a suite of PDF white papers focused on how AI drives value across the global economy, especially in life sciences, financial services and manufacturing sectors. These documents drew sourcing on the company’s own in-house expertise and first-hand quotes procured from Emerj’s podcast platform and larger research efforts.

In turn, SambaNova followed these white papers with a robust series of interviews on Emerj’s AI in Business podcast, highlighting the quality of thought leadership among their team of experts. The program was designed not only to credibly introduce the SambaNova brand to an audience of enterprise leaders across life sciences, financial services, manufacturing, and more w but also to drive hundreds of leads in those specific sectors to jump-start the company’s sales efforts in the new year. 

Below, you can find an episode of the AI in Business podcast featuring SambaNova Senior Vice President of Product Marshall Choy sharing his perspective on where he sees large language models as the foundation of organization-wide transformation through AI:


SambaNova used Emerj’s resources and assets to enter new markets and continued to work with Emerj on future marketing programs as a credit to the success of their initial white paper and podcasts campaign. 

These efforts helped expand the company’s footprint in the United States and even break into the European AI market, where they had yet to establish a prominent presence.

Iron Mountain 

The Problem:

Ian Lee of Iron Mountain first reached out to Emerj four years ago following the success of their document search and discovery solution, InSight. At that point, the company was offering a new product to bring the benefits of AI-powered search and discovery to the stored digital data they were holding for their clients. 

Ian engaged Emerj about helping Iron Mountain find suitable industries to sell their new products and arming their salespeople with the right leads across these industries.

Actions Taken: 

Iron Mountain’s marketing leadership worked with Emerj to determine the most impactful beachhead applications for their insight product across different industries. The company also commissioned a series of white papers to appeal to those different industry segments and make the case for their products’ ROI potential in a strong and credible way. 

Emerj and Iron Mountain marketing professionals then followed up the releases of these white papers with targeted email and remarketing promotions. Initially, these efforts focused on the banking and insurance sector but then extended to oil and gas extraction, legal and more industries.


Iron Mountain has been an Emerj client for over four years, eventually licensing the rights to translate their PDF assets into different languages, generating leads across the globe. The company would continue to run a dozen separate demand generation campaigns with Emerj and featured many of their top experts on Emerj’s AI in business and AI in Financial Services podcasts.

Kisaco Research

The Problem:

Kisaco Research was in the middle of launching a were promoting a new AI hardware summit in the Bay area when they first contacted Emerj over four years ago. To ensure success for their then-hopefully annual event, they needed VP and director-level enterprise leaders to fill the seats – and called upon Emerj to help generate interest in their target audience.

Actions Taken:

Instead of going the targeted email campaigns route, Kisaco commissioned a podcast series geared towards encouraging attendance and building credibility and authority for the event. They featured some of their most high-profile keynote speakers on the Emerj podcast – including Mark Russinovich of Microsoft Azure, featured below – to get enterprise leaders excited about the event and interested in purchasing tickets.


Emerj’s first marketing program with Kisaco was such a resounding success that the company would continue the partnership for the next four years. Throughout ensuing marketing campaigns, Kisaco leaders were featured on dozens of AI in Business podcast episodes, continuously reinforcing their position as the authority in AI hardware. 

As for ensuing editions of the AI Hardware Summit, Kisaco won massive event agenda downloads and new attendees from across the United States thanks to Emerj’s extensive email and podcast campaigns.


The Problem:

Daitan first built its reputation as a well-known IT services provider, developing digital products for midsize and enterprise clients worldwide.

Eventually, the company began developing expertise in artificial intelligence and integrating new capabilities into their client projects for software engineering. Believing that the future of their business would lie in these new initiatives, they sought a marketing campaign to showcase their authority in AI and expand their customer base. 

Daitan then approached Emerj in October 2020 to raise awareness for their little-known brand by winning new clients specifically for their new AI and data science-related services.

Actions Taken:

Daitan worked directly with Emerj to craft their market message around AI-powered digital products. Together, both marketing teams developed a suite of white papers and podcast episodes that the company continues to use for demand generation in the US market.

Below you can find a podcast featuring Ricardo Panaggio, Data Scientist at Daitan, discussing how use cases in open banking and external data sources represent interesting indicators as to the shared path financial services and AI are taking together:


Daitan saw nearly 50,000 downloads on their respective podcast episodes in the first three months and an influx of new leads in their target industries. Based on the success of their initial program with Emerj, Daitan followed up the next year with another podcast and demand generation campaign.

Not soon after Daitan began working with Emerj, the company was acquired by Encora, helping add 600 engineers and proprietary product capabilities to their enterprise. 

Stradigi AI

The Problem: 

When Stradigi first approached Emerj in August 2021, the company was pivoting from its status as an AI services firm specializing in custom projects to selling a fully automated AI platform technology called Kepler. The program helps small and medium-sized enterprises streamline data visualizations and make their first adoptions a more straightforward process.

Such a pivot is an organization-wide transformation that requires an equally audacious marketing strategy. Stradigi’s leadership approached Emerj with the task of a premiere campaign focusing on messaging that would help differentiate their product offering from other platforms in an already crowded and competitive space.

Actions Taken:

Emerj’s marketing and content teams helped Stradigi develop a multi-podcast series and newsletter campaign to educate executives about the AI adoption journey. Throughout their contents, the market messages focused on showcasing the unique expertise of the Stradigi AI team.

The podcast below features Chief Commercial Officer at Stradigi AI Per Nyberg in conversation with Emerj CEO Daniel Faggella about his observations on successful AI adoption strategies in concert with the trends and patterns he sees across the market.


Two podcast episodes featuring Strategy AI’s leadership received over 40,000 total podcast downloads within a 90-day period, resulting in 150 new leads for Strategy AI’s ‘AI 101’ PDF report. Directly following their initial campaign, Stradigi will work with Emerj to commission a custom white paper presenting a condensed analysis of all the actionable insights from their podcast series, tailor-made for enterprise leaders looking to leverage machine learning to make predictive insights about their own organizations. 

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