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Edgar Alan Rayo is a content and research specialist at Emerj. Previous, Edgar has served marketing and writing roles in the real estate and finance industry.

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AI in Disney, Viacom, and Entertainment Giants

Artificial Intelligence at Disney, Viacom, and Other Entertainment Giants

Artificial intelligence has found its way in different areas in the entertainment industry from offering customized recommendations on your Friday night movies (as in the case of Netflix) to delivering sports match highlights during live TV coverage. In the latter, this was made possible in the 2017 U.S. Open Tennis Championships when IBM Watson Media used its AI tool to showcase play highlights right after they occur.

BootstrapLabs Conference 2017 Photo

AI and ML Adoption Survey Results from Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference 2017

Artificial intelligence and machine learning adoption among different industries represents a new chapter in digital transformation. However, according our own research across industries, AI adoption in 2017 remains low with majority of major success stories coming only from the largest tech players in the industry (Google, Baidu, Apple, etc). McKinsey Global Institute estimates that in 2016, tech giants invested $20-30 billion into AI, while smaller companies altogether invested an estimated $6-9 billion.

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