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Where is AI Making it’s Way into Hospitals? – with Sangeeta Chakraborty of Ayasdi

Episode summary: In this episode we speak with Sangeeta Chakraborty Chief Customer Officer at Ayasdi and discuss the applications of data science and AI in healthcare, what hospitals and healthcare systems are doing to adopt this kind of technology, and how this approach can be extended to other forms of enterprise. This interview was conducted in-person at BoostrapLabs annual AI conference in SF.

AI in Pharma and Biomedici

AI in Pharma and Biomedicine – Analysis of the Top 5 Global Drug Companies

The applications of AI in pharma are building momentum, but we wanted to look beyond the hype and find the underlying trends that matter in business.

hospitals using machine learning, including mayo clinic

How America’s 5 Top Hospitals are Using Machine Learning Today

Despite the massive venture investments going into healthcare AI applications, there's little evidence of hospitals using machine learning in real-world applications. We decided that this topic is worth covering in depth since any changes to the healthcare system directly impact business leaders in multiple facets such as employee insurance coverage or hospital administration policies.

Remedy Health co-founders

The Challenges and Opportunities of Healthcare Data – with Remedy Health

Episode summary: Guests Will Jack and Nikhil Buduma co-founders of Remedy Health Inc discuss the challenges involved in collecting, setting up and structuring data in order to implement AI in healthcare. By the end of this episode, listeners will have gained insight into the challenges of healthcare data systems, and the potential solutions to cleaning and organizing this data for healthcare AI applications.

How Innovative Healthcare Companies Use AI to Put Patients First 1

How Innovative Healthcare Companies Use AI to Put Patients First

Episode Summary: If there's any industry ripe for disruption by AI and ML applications, it's healthcare. This week, we speak with Eleven Two Capital's Founder and Managing Partner Shelley Zhuang, whose investment focus (among other spaces) is on innovative healthcare services and applications. In addition to discussing how AI and ML is helping propel genomics, diagnostics, therapeutic treatment, and other innovations into a new paradigm, she touches on what the healthcare space might look like in the next 10 years. For healthcare startups looking to break into the healthcare market, Zhuang doesn't pretend to have simple answers; however, she identifies commonalities among smart companies that have prepared early for meeting regulatory and other industry considerations. This interview was recorded live in San Francisco at Re-Work's Machine Intelligence in Autonomous Vehicles Summit in March 2017.

Machine Learning in Healthcare: Expert Consensus from 60+ Executives

Machine Learning in Healthcare: Expert Consensus from 50+ Executives

The last few years have yielded a tremendous amount of attention at the intersection of AI and healthcare, from DeepMind's partnership with the UK's National Health Service to IBM's continued pushes into areas of genomics and drug discovery. From the perspective of healthcare executives, however, many important questions are left unanswered and rarely addressed in detail:
What difference are healthcare's machine learning innovations likely to make in the lives of patients?
What disruptions should healthcare executives prepare themselves for now?
How will the healthcare industry operate differently in 5 or 10 years into the future?
We surveyed over 50 executives of healthcare companies leveraging AI. We aimed to do the hard work of separating the companies actually applying AI from those who use it as a buzzword (over 15 of our initial survey responses were turned down due to lack of evidence of real AI in use), presenting important predictions and industry insights in clear and interactive charts and graphs.
The following research article is broken down into five sections:

Investing in AI Healthcare Applications – and Why Doctors Don't Want to Be Replaced

Investing in AI Healthcare Applications – and Why Doctors Don’t Want to Be Replaced

Episode Summary: Venture investing in AI healthcare applications has been on the uptick and is directly related to the subject of this week's episode: just how the healthcare industry is (and isn't) being impacted by innovations in AI technology. Guest Steve Gullans of Boston-Based Excel Venture Management talks about some of the various healthcare-related ML and AI applications that he sees being brought to light, and touches on which innovations have a better chance of getting blocked and redirected by parties of interest and those that have more promise in being accepted and rolled out sooner.

deep learning in oncology

Deep Learning in Oncology – Applications in Fighting Cancer

Deep Learning plays a vital role in the early detection of cancer. A study published by NVIDIA showed that deep learning drops error rate for breast cancer diagnoses by 85%. This was the inspiration for Co-Founders Jeet Raut and Peter Njenga when they created AI imaging medical platform Raut’s mother was told that she no longer had breast cancer, a diagnosis that turned out to be false and that could have cost her life.


Explore articles and reports related to artificial intelligence in healthcare, including coverage of diagnostics, pharma, drug development, medical billing, and more.