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Use Cases of Recommendation Systems

Use Cases of Recommendation Systems in Business – Current Applications and Methods

An increasing number of online companies are utilizing recommendation systems to increase user interaction and enrich shopping potential. Use cases of recommendation systems have been expanding rapidly across many aspects of eCommerce and online media over the last 4-5 years, and we expect this trend to continue.

Lior Tasman - Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Programmatic Advertising

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Programmatic Advertising

Episode summary: In this episode we talk to Lior Tasman who is the CEO of PredictiveBid, an Israeli-based predictive advertising optimization start-up. The team focuses on applying AI to some of the bigger issues in programmatic advertising to help draw out more ROI from ads. We discuss some of the challenges of programmatic advertising and what the future of programmatic advertising may look like from an advertiser’s perspective.

AI for Real-Time Personalization - with LiftIgniter's Adam Spector

AI for Real-Time Personalization – with LiftIgniter’s Adam Spector

Episode summary: In this episode we talk to Adam Spector, the Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer at LiftIgniter, a company which provide a service which modulates website experience per users, for an array of different businesses. Adam and I discuss what the tech giants are doing to customize their business experiences, what data they’re using to continually alter user experience and what industries and sectors might be impacted by this aggregate trend as it moves forward.

Marketing Results with AI

What Does it Take to Improve Marketing Results with AI?

Episode Summary: In this episode we speak with Co-founder and CEO Alex Holub of  Vidora about how businesses, particularly in the digital and B2C spaces, can improve marketing results with AI. Holub discusses the resources needed—time, money, in-house or outside expertise, calibration, and data—in order to leverage AI in a realistic way. It's safe to say that today, some businesses are not yet set up to be leveraging AI, while others should be seriously considering taking the leap to using machine learning in their marketing processes. Holub draws some firm lines as to what kinds of businesses are primed to take advantage of AI, and what it takes to flip the switch and make AI a useful and inspired revenue driver in the marketing domain. Many of Holub's useful insights are echoed in our machine learning in marketing consensus from last month, also worth reading if you're interested in additional first-hand perspectives from executives using AI in the marketing space. Alex was introduced to us by our friends are BootstrapLabs.

Art of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing Optimization

Art of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing Optimization

Episode Summary: Getting beyond the marketing and jargon on the home pages of AI companies and figuring out what's actually happening, what results are being driven in business, is part of our job at Emerj. Shaking those answers out of founders is not always easy, but we didn't have to do much shaking with Yohai Sabag, chief data scientist for Optimove, a marketing AI and automation company in Israel. In this episode, he speaks about what humans are needed for in the optimization process, and what facets can be automated or distributed to a machine. Sabag gives an excellent walk-through of how marketers can use the "human-machine feedback loop" for artificial intelligence in marketing optimization at scale.

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Adore Me Case Study: Lingerie Brand Utilizes Machine Learning for One-to-One Marketing

Technology Provider: Optimove

User Company: Adore Me

Industry: Consumer Retail


Machine Learning Marketing – Expert Consensus of 51 Executives and Startups

When it comes to business applications of machine learning, marketing is always near the top of the list. Modern digital marketing offers a huge volume of quantifiable data for teams to work with, and marketing can be said to take precedent over other areas like customer service and business intelligence because of it's direct tie to driving revenue. Machine learning marketing applications are still relatively novel for most small and medium-sized business, but this may change drastically over the next five years.

Deep Learning Applications in Medical Imaging 2

How Algorithms Improve Advertising – AI for Marketing Optimization

Episode Summary: In marketing, there are lots of applications in AI and machine learning (ML), from recommendation engines to predictive analytics and beyond. At the company Albert, there are even more ambitious projects underway - like automating the process of marketing altogether by having a machine run and generate ads, or test and spend the marketing budget of a company. Or Shani, CEO of Adgorithms, focuses on the quantitative aspects and optimization of marketing, using algorithms to improve advertising processes. In this interview, Shani talks about how Adgorithms' smart marketing platform "Albert" meshes with humans in marketing, and also discusses how these roles might change over the next 5 to 10 years as we move towards an ever more automated marketplace.

Marketing and advertising

Explore AI vendor companies offering marketing and advertising solutions, including lead scoring, conversion optimization, customer analytics, and more.