Using Decision Augmentation for Client Retention – with Emily Bremner of Signal AI

Nicholas DeNittis

Nick DeNittis writes and edits AI industry trends and use-cases for Emerj's editorial and client content. Nick holds an MS in Management from Troy University and has earned several professional analytics certificates, including from the Wharton School.

Using Decision Augmentation for Client Retention@2x

Actionable, decision-augmenting data can be obtained internally or externally. Of course, external data is a far richer and more diverse source, as it comprises every other piece of digital information outside of the four walls of an enterprise. 

"External search" is a term used at Emerj to reference searching for and extracting data-driven insights from outside sources. That this external data is often both abundant and free of charge is appealing, but there are challenges. The main difficulty lies in building an infrastructure and workforce capable of "scraping," cleaning and converting raw data into actionable intelligence. 

While most enterprises now have at least passable competency in searching for and applying internal data, a fair share is deficient at gathering, refining and acting on external data, according to a research article by McKinsey. 

Signal AI is a company that has positioned itself comfortably to address business challenges related to external search, havi...

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