AI Delivery Partners – How Consultants Contract AI Talent Before Hiring

Daniel Faggella

Daniel Faggella is Head of Research at Emerj. Called upon by the United Nations, World Bank, INTERPOL, and leading enterprises, Daniel is a globally sought-after expert on the competitive strategy implications of AI for business and government leaders.

AI Delivery Partners - How Consultants Contract AI Talent Before Hiring

Most early stage AI consulting firms don’t have the budget to hire expensive machine learning talent. For non-technical founders who can’t do the ML engineering themselves, this means getting creative when it comes to AI project delivery.

While there are plenty of non-technical AI services that a consultant can provide - much of the budget for AI services (for better or for worse) is to be allocated to technical problems, such as:

Building an AI model for X (fraud detection, product recommendation, etc)
Integrating a vendor solution into existing IT and data infrastructure
Augmenting an existing data science team to complete a complex project

What we see in the market is that the technically-capable firms are often the ones who get the opportunity to inform and educate enterprise leaders and lift their AI fluency.

This isn't because technical firms are the only firms capable of this kind of critical AI education. Rather, it’s because enterprise firms think they need...

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