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Artificial intelligence “sector overview” reports are designed to help business leaders explore the possibilities and important AI trends across industries. Search our sector overview reports below:

Facial Recognition in Finance - Current Applications

Facial Recognition in Finance – Current Applications

To some, facial recognition may feel like an AI technology with one chief use case and numerous niche ones that are not helpful outside of the client company that requested it. While security and anti-fraud solutions tend to dominate the conversation, there are many actionable possibilities for facial recognition software.

Machine Vision In Pharma - Current Applications

Machine Vision In Pharma – Current Applications

Business leaders in pharmaceuticals may be concerned with how machine vision will affect their operations in the clinical and scientific departments more than those of packaging and administration. However, prioritizing these types of operations may not provide the ROI as it’s hyped up to be. Instead, there are many possibilities for machine vision in pharmaceuticals related to packaging, shipping, and data entry.

AI in the Asian Insurance Sector - Current Applications

AI in the Asian Insurance Sector – Current Applications

AI applications for the insurance industry have certainly garnered a lot of press lately. We’ve previously covered such applications in the American and European insurance spaces. Countries in Asia such as China and Japan have large insurance industries and seem to have established national AI strategies.

Artificial Intelligence in Defense 950×540 (1)

Artificial Intelligence in the Military – An Overview of Capabilities

We researched the military and defense space to discover how and where AI is utilized today by the world’s militaries and intelligence organizations as well as the capabilities artificial intelligence could bring to the sector shortly.

Predictive Analytics in the Pharma - Current Applications

Predictive Analytics in Pharma – Current Applications

It may feel as though AI applications like machine vision and natural language processing hold the most potential value to pharmaceutical companies because of their capabilities to intake and transform unstructured medical data. This is especially true with machine vision, as medical imaging data can be used across multiple departments when analyzed by AI software.

Big Data in Insurance - Current Applications

Big Data in Insurance – Current Applications

Even during a time when the buzz around AI and digital data storage is prominent, there are still some companies with large amounts of backlogged data that are taking up space in their databases, but not providing enough value. Large stores of enterprise and customer data can be valuable to insurance companies for optimizing their business operations and gaining analytical insights on how their business decisions affect company growth.