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Artificial Intelligence Applications for Lending and Loan Management

Artificial Intelligence Applications for Lending and Loan Management

Lending is a massive business in the United States which directly and indirectly touches almost all parts of the economy. As of September 2017, consumer debt in the United States was just under $3.8 trillion. Credit card debt accounts for roughly $1 trillion, car loans another trillion, and student loans for just under $1.5 trillion. In addition, total value of mortgage debt is just under $14.6 trillion. Debt is big business.

Machine Learning for Recruiting and Hiring -

Machine Learning for Recruiting and Hiring – 6 Current Applications

Talent sourcing and recruitment are at the center of developing and maintaining the U.S. labor force. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that over the decade spanning from 2016 to 2026, the labor force will increase by 11.5 million. This increase is approximately equivalent to a 0.7 percent annual growth rate.

Musical Artificial Intelligence - 6 Applications of AI for Audio

Musical Artificial Intelligence – 6 Applications of AI for Audio

The U.S. music industry is an economic staple generating an estimated $7.7 billion in retail revenue in 2016, according to the Recording Industry Association of America. The year 2016 also marked the first time that music industry revenue was generated primarily from “streaming music platforms.”

AI in Law and Legal Practice - Current Applications

AI in Law and Legal Practice – A Comprehensive View of 35 Current Applications

Artificial intelligence (AI) companies continue to find ways of developing technology that will manage laborious tasks in different industries for better speed and accuracy. In the legal profession, AI has already found its way into supporting lawyers and clients alike.

Artificial Intelligence in Entertainment 950×540

AI in Movies, Entertainment, and Visual Media – 5 Current Use-Cases

The entertainment and media (E&M) industry is a diverse sector composed of multiple segments including film, television and media streamed online. By 2021, the U.S. E&M industry is projected to reach $759 billion in revenue,  increasing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.6 percent.

How Top Indian eCommerce Firms are Using Artificial Intelligence Today

Artificial Intelligence at India’s Top eCommerce Firms – Use Cases from Flipkart, Myntra, and Amazon India

With internet penetration on the rise, the e-commerce sector is booming in India. According to research by Boston Consulting Group, the number of internet users in  India will jump upwards of 550 million in 2018 from 190 million as of June 2014. India has over 300 million smartphone users which has surpassed the US to become the second largest smartphone market in the world. As per estimates, the Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) sold by eCommerce companies in India is expected to grow to around $80 billion by 2020 up from around $4 billion in 2009.