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Artificial Intelligence at McKesson Corporation - AI Initiatives and Investments

Artificial Intelligence at McKesson – AI Initiatives and Investments

McKesson is a large pharmaceutical distributor that delivers health information technology, medical tools and supplies, and care management tools and software to healthcare providers in the United States. The company has been working to incorporate artificial intelligence solutions internally since 2012, but in more recent years they have adopted a few important automation tools. 

compliance in banking

AI for Compliance in Banking – Where Banks Should Focus Next

In the banking sector, supervisory organizations create and oversee the compliance rules that banks and other financial organizations need to follow. These compliance regulations are important for companies to carefully abide by, since non-compliance can potentially result in large fines or in extreme cases, even loss of banking licenses. 

Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity - What's Possible Today

Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity – Current Use-Cases and Capabilities

AI has made some inroads in the cybersecurity sector and several AI vendors claim to have launched products that use AI to help safeguard against cyber threats. At Emerj, we’ve seen many cybersecurity vendors offering AI and machine learning-based products to help identify and deal with cyber threats. Even the Pentagon created the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) to upgrade to AI-enabled capabilities in their cybersecurity efforts.

Augmented Reality in Healthcare - Current Applications

Augmented Reality in Healthcare – 2 Current Applications

Most people may associate augmented reality (AR) with smartphone apps and video games, perhaps even Pokemon Go. But augmented reality is gaining traction in a variety of industries, including manufacturing and healthcare.

Voice and Speech Recognition in Banking - What's Possible Today

Voice and Speech Recognition in Banking – What’s Possible Today

Speech recognition is an AI technology that can allow software programs to recognize spoken language and convert it to text. A subset of speech recognition is voice recognition. Voice recognition is an AI-enabled capability that enables a software algorithm to match the identity of a customer to their voice. 

Sentiment Analysis in Banking - Current Use-Cases

Sentiment Analysis in Banking – 4 Current Use-Cases

Our sector-wide research suggests that natural language processing (NLP) is one of the more common AI approaches in banking AI use-cases today. Sentiment analysis is a capability of NLP which involves the determining whether a segment of open-ended natural language text (which can be transcribed from audio) is positive, negative, or neutral towards the topic being discussed.

Big Data Analytics in EcOmmerce - Data Platforms and Artificial Intelligence

Big Data Analytics in eCommerce – Data Platforms and Artificial Intelligence

Digitally-native eCommerce businesses are used to working with their customer data in order to write copy for marketing campaigns, run PPC ads, calculate customer lifetime value, and make decisions based on core metrics within CRM dashboards.

Artificial Intelligence in the Food and Beverage Industry

AI in the Food and Beverage Industry – 3 Current Use-Cases

Although it's apparent that AI development is slow-moving in the industry, food and beverage companies may be able to use AI for food processing, in particular: