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Anomaly Detection in Banking – An Analysis of 2 Top Vendors

Several high-profile banks are leveraging anomaly detection solutions for fraud and anti-money laundering. While some banks and AI firms provide information on how their solution works or how their chosen solution worked for them, it can be hard to determine which ones are successful today. 

7 Chatbots in the Financial Industry - Paypal, Kasisto, and More

7 Chatbots in the Financial Industry – Paypal, Kasisto, and More

Many financial institutions are experimenting with chatbots both for general customer service and for offering new and better financial services to their customers. In addition to banks and insurance companies, other types of financial services companies can benefit from this type of application as well. Financial customers can now check the status of their loan applications and stock portfolios and request refunds using AI-powered conversational interfaces.

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Artificial Intelligence at JPMorgan – Current Initiatives

According to Fortune, JPMorgan Chase is the largest bank in the U.S. and controls over $2 trillion in total assets. In this article, we detail the types of AI research JPMorgan is doing as well as how they are likely to be using their applied AI applications.

Autonomous Weapons in the Military - What's Possible and What's Legal

Autonomous Weapons in the Military – What’s Possible and What’s Legal

The military is always looking for ways to innovate its technology for weapons and vehicles, and it follows that AI and ML would become part of that work in the current decade. Currently, the Army is testing autonomous vehicles and aircraft for battlefield use. However, most AI applications for these vehicles do not have clearance to operate the weapons attached to them. 

Artificial Intelligence at Citi - Current Initiatives

Artificial Intelligence at Citibank – Current Initiatives

Banks and other financial institutions can be tight-lipped about how they implement AI technologies within their businesses. Citi, however, has been relatively open about their current AI initiatives. Since 2017, they have published press releases and other announcements of AI initiatives that are both internal and customer-facing.


What is Predictive Analytics? – An Informed Definition

Predictive analytics is perhaps one of the most common AI applications used by financial institutions, banks, insurance companies, and healthcare companies. This type of software allows business leaders across these industries to plan for the most probable outcomes in business areas such as credit, loans, and patient health. Predictive analytics software could make predictions about future business events based on typical company experience using historical enterprise data.


Machine Learning in Big Box Retail – Walmart, Target, and Costco

Many of the top Fortune 500 retailers have begun using AI and ML to solve business problems for various departments. Walmart and Costco share one in grocery stocking, which includes the freshness and condition of the products along with timing the restocks for peak hours.

Text Mining in Banking - An Overview of Capabilities

Text Mining in Banking – A Brief Overview of Capabilities

Banks are starting to deploy natural language processing (NLP) to make use of enterprise and customer data in text mining applications ranging from gauging customer sentiments to enterprise search.