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Artificial intelligence “sector overview” reports are designed to help business leaders explore the possibilities and important AI trends across industries. Search our sector overview reports below:

AI and Machine Learning in the European Pharmaceutical Industry

AI and Machine Learning in the European Pharmaceutical Industry

Accenture reports that in 2017, the 16 top biopharmaceutical companies in the world had an aggregate global revenue of $428 billion, which was nearly half the global pharmaceutical market by net sales. The report also revealed a shift to specialty drugs for hard-to-treat diseases.

AI for Payment Processing - Current Applications

Artificial Intelligence in Payment Processing – Current Applications

It seems that the majority of AI solutions for payment processing are focused on fraud detection and prevention. Some companies claim to offer straight-through processing software as well. Below, we detail four companies that all claim to offer artificial intelligence to banks and payment processors looking for solutions in two key areas:

AI for Credit Scoring - an Overview of Innovation

AI for Credit Scoring – An Overview of Startups and Innovation

Several companies offer AI-based credit scoring applications to banks and enterprise creditors looking to better understand the risk associated with their potential borrowers. Traditional methods of credit scoring take into consideration the credit histories of potential borrows, but this might not allow certain people access to credit despite the fact that they could pay their loans back when their payments are due.

An Overview of AI Document Digitization in Finance

An Overview of AI Document Digitization in Finance

There are several companies claiming to offer AI document digitization solutions to banks, insurance enterprises, and other financial institutions. We found that these solutions are intended to help financial institutions with at least one of the following business problems:

AI for Customer Service in Banking

AI for Customer Service in Banking – Current Applications

IDC estimated the size of overall AI-related spending in the banking industry in their Worldwide Semiannual Cognitive Artificial Intelligence Systems Spending Guide report at around $3.3 billion in 2018. It follows that AI would find its way into the banking world. We covered the current state of AI banking applications in the US and India in our previous reports, and in this report, we're going to focus on where AI can be leveraged for customer service applications in banking. This report covers vendors offering software across three functions:

Artificial Intelligence in the Asian Retail Industry - Startups and Innovation

Artificial Intelligence in the Asian Retail Industry – Applications and Trends

Accenture forecasts that the retail industry could grow operating profits to $2.95 trillion by 2025. We've covered AI in retail extensively on Emerj, and in this report, we dive into the Asian startups that are offering AI solutions to retailers. Asian AI vendors seem to offer retailers solutions for marketing, sales, operations, and making purchases easier, among other areas.