Emerj AI Business Strategy

Win with Artificial Intelligence

Emerj helps global companies reduce risk and maximize the bottom-line impact of artificial intelligence capabilities.

Leverage our objective research and constant “pulse” on the full range of AI capabilities. Reach for artificial intelligence initiatives with confidence, reduce risk, and win in the market with an informed blueprint for AI strategy in your organization.


Emerj AI Business Strategy

in the Market

Win deals, win profit margin, win market share.We align your initiatives and goals with the AI capabilities to win in your competitive market.

Emerj AI Business Strategy

Make the Right
Strategic Moves

Benefit from a team of experts focused exclusively on competitive AI strategy, and reduce the risk of your most important AI-related initiatives.

Emerj AI Business Strategy


Unify organizational effort with a concise blueprint of AI requirements and initiatives, helping enterprises to understand and act on critical projects without confusion.

Emerj AI Business
Strategy Objectives

The AI Business Strategy process is outcome-focused, and built to help companies align teams, prioritize goals, and take action. Objectives of an AI Strategy include:

Emerj AI Business Strategy

Enhance current initiatives

Determine existing AI trends and technologies to augment current organizational initiatives and leverage existing strengths.

Emerj AI Business Strategy

Avoid upcoming pitfalls

From dealing with competitors to handling talent requirements, your AI Strategy can steer your clear of risky or low-ROI projects earlier.

Emerj AI Business Strategy

Discover new advantages

Find AI trends and applications that could help your firm leap toward your 3-5 year goals with more market share and profit margins.

Emerj AI Business Strategy

Prioritize AI projects and programs

Your AI Strategy will rank potential artificial intelligence initiatives by the ROI impact and resource requirements, simplifying decision-making for teams and execs.

Emerj AI Business Strategy Emerj AI Business Strategy

Getting Started


Emerj AI Business Strategy engagements typically last 45 days, and include the following phases:

An 45-minute introduction call, outlining the client’s business goals and current initiatives


Research resources provided to the client ahead of the in-person engagement


A two-day on-site session (one 7-hour session, one 4-hour session)


A full AI Strategy report, provided to the client directly after the on-site engagement


A concluding 45-minute summary and support call with the executive team



AI Business Strategy engagements start at $25,000.

Additional AI Strategy resources

Executive teams often pair AI Strategy engagements with other Emerj services in order to suit the needs of their teams. Additional services often include:

Emerj AI Business Strategy

Custom market research or competitive intelligence

Emerj AI Business Strategy

An Emerj Online Learning curriculum designed for key teams and departments to follow through on the defined strategy

Emerj AI Business Strategy

Ongoing analyst access to answer questions and inform strategy decisions after the initial engagement

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