Thought Leadership

Executives from around the world trust Emerj for objective, informed guidance on artificial intelligence applications and best-practices.

For over five years we’ve analyzed the business applications of AI, and we’ve interviewed many of the best and brightest AI execs and researchers – building a broad base of insight for our reports and market research.

With a strong grounding in AI’s industry applications, broad connections in business and academia, and the largest B2B AI audience online, Emerj is a perfect partner for firms interested in AI thought leadership.

Learn more about our thought leadership services below:

Why Clients Come to Us

Organizations or governments who engage us for thought leadership services are typically interested in:

  • Establishing their brand stance on artificial intelligence
  • Providing their sales and marketing teams with strong, relevant content to engage potential buyers
  • Reaching a targeted, engaged audience of AI-focused executives

Though Leadership Offerings

No two projects are the same, and but most thought leadership programs involve one or more of the following services:

  • White papers, eBooks, and executive briefs
  • Webinar features
  • Custom research and in-depth reports

Promotional Options

Thought leadership clients can gain exposure to sector-specific executive audiences across our site and various media channels, including:

  • On-site exposure
  • Email broadcasts
  • “AI in Industry” podcast features
  • Social media

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Inquire About Publishing Services

Does your firm need to stand out from the AI buzz?

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Trust with our audience is our first priority. For this reason, we do not create “advertorial” content promoting any one specific product, and we are unable to turn unqualified people or firms into “thought leaders.” Learn more about our content guidelines.