Licensing and Syndication

We partner with media companies, traditional publishers, libraries, and large and small organizations alike to provide them with the education AI content that their readers and users need. has been syndicated and licensed in academic textbooks, in online courses, in magazines, and more.

Learn more about syndication agreements and single-use republishing:


Interested in syndicating our content through your platform or in your publication?

Options include but are not limited to:

  • 1 article per month
  • 3 articles per month
  • 15 articles per month
  • Unlimited

For more information, please contact [email protected].


Individual article (one-off) reprint or partial reprint rate:

  • Digital reprint only: $800 per article
  • Physical reprint only: $1000 per article
  • Digital and physical reprint: $1300 per article

Individual orders can be made online by credit card through our Emerj Content Licensing purchase page.

Bulk rates apply with 6 or more articles – contact [email protected] for bulk orders.


Reprints require:

  • The article(s) requested for reprint be referenced by title and URL (in print), or by anchor-texted title (in digital)
  • The date of publication should be known ahead of time
  • Emerj be notified upon date of publish via a printed copy (if physical), or via an email with a link to the website where the content has been used (if digital)


To purchase reprints, contact: [email protected]