AI in Banking Podcast

The AI in Banking Podcast

Stay ahead of the curve as artificial intelligence disrupts the banking sector.

Discover the lessons learned from organizations like HSBC, Citigroup – learn business strategies from venture capitalists investing in AI banking applications – and see the future through the eyes of banking AI innovators in Silicon Valley and around the world.

Each week Emerj Founder Daniel Faggella interviews top experts to bring their best insights to our global audience. Each episode draws from the unique perspective of our guests, and the data and insights from our market research on the impact of AI in banking.

AI in Banking is a show is for banking leaders, consulting and IT services leaders, and any businessperson with an interest in the evolving world of AI in banking.

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Coming Up Next

Each month we focus on a new theme on the AI in Banking podcast. Explore some of our past themes and see what’s next:

  • October 2019: Developing a Culture of AI Innovation
  • September 2019: AI Strategy Recommendations for Banking Leaders
  • August 2019: AI for Banking Customer Experience (Guests from Kasisto, CogniCor, DataVisor)
  • July 2019: AI and Financial Risk Management (Guests from Ayasdi, TrueAccord, Heliocor, RiskIQ)
  • June 2019: The Future of AI in Banking (Guests from HSBC, Citibank, VISA, Flint Capital)

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