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Luminoso Technologies, Inc. is a leading AI-based deep analytics company that enables clients to rapidly discover value in their data. Its solution reveals an accurate, unbiased, real-time understanding of what consumers are saying, uncovering actionable insights and the “unknown unknowns.” These insights are used to increase business performance and build better customer experiences. Luminoso’s software is flexible; it natively analyzes data in 11 languages and can be deployed in either a standalone Cloud or On Premise solution or integrated into an end-to-end client platform via the API.

Clients include Autodesk, Sprint, Staples, Scott’s Miracle Gro, and Target Australia. Luminoso also serves a growing set of channel partners, including Sapient Government Services.

Luminoso Compass: Tap into streaming conversation and take the pulse of your customers, workforce, and marketplace. Compass distills erratic, large-scale discussion into digestible topics so you can seize opportunities as they arise, address issues before they become problems, and gauge opinion in real time.

Luminoso Analytics: In this fast-paced world, every moment matters. Luminoso Analytics processes data in minutes, not days – allowing you to begin surfacing insights right away.

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