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When Will We Reach the Singularity? – A Timeline Consensus from AI Researchers (AI FutureScape 1 of 6)

At Emerj, we pride ourselves on presenting objective information about the applications of artificial intelligence in industry. AI is applicable in a wide variety of areas—everything from agriculture to cybersecurity.

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How Machine Learning Will Become Accessible to Small Businesses

Most AI solutions are not for small businesses, but they will be over time. I decided to put together an understanding of where AI solutions are now and how they will eventually become accessible to small businesses.

Top 4 AI Startups in India - Comparing Their Applications, Teams, and Fundraising 1

Indian AI Startups – Comparing 4 Companies – Applications, Teams, and Fundraising

According to research firm Zinnov, India is the fourth largest geography globally in terms of AI talent pool. Zinnov’s research says India is home to more than 200 AI startups that attracted about $200 million+ funding in 2017. A few major companies that are implementing AI include Amazon, AIG, Equifax, Infosys and NVIDIA - all of which we've covered in depth in our recent "AI in India" research.

Why I've Decided on Boston for TechEmergence (Emerj) HQ

Why I’ve Decided on Boston for TechEmergence (Emerj) HQ

There's a lot going on here at TechEmergence (soon to be rebranded to Emerj), and after receiving a string of LinkedIn messages about the re-brand and near-term future of the company, I wanted to put together this note about three important topics:

Can Artificial Intelligence Make the World a Better Place?

Can Artificial Intelligence Make the World a Better Place?

My most recent TEDx is titled “Can AI Make the World a Better Place?” - but this title is somewhat misleading.

Overfit for Purpose: Why Crowdsourced AI May Not Work for Hedge Funds

Overfit for Purpose: Why Crowdsourced AI May Not Work for Hedge Funds

Professor Jonathan Tapson is Director of the MARCS Institute for Brain, Behavior & Development at Western Sydney University in Australia. He holds a PhD in Engineering from the University of Cape Town in South Africa. Professor Tapson's recent research has recently lead him to apply neural networks to problems in finance. See our partnership and thought leadership publishing options on our Emerj partnerships page.