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This Might Be the Real Tragedy About Elon Musk's Fears of Artificial Intelligence

This Might Be the Real Tragedy About Elon Musk’s Fears of Artificial Intelligence

It was nearly a year ago when Elon Musk likened artificial intelligence to "summoning the demon." The complete over-quoted quote from his 2014 talk at MIT is as follows:

Screw Electric Sheep! Androids Dream of People Zoos...

Screw Electric Sheep! Androids Dream of People Zoos…

Where will mankind be in 2050? Out colonizing Mars? Perhaps collectively uploaded to an artificial neural network? According to a semi-intelligent android, we may well be the subjects of his people zoo.

3 Videos That Demonstrate How Much You Underestimate Artificial Intelligence

3 Videos That Demonstrate How Much You Underestimate Artificial Intelligence

Even people who aren't fans of sci-fi or avid A.I. enthusiasts know that in 1997, IBM's "Deep Blue" chess computer defeated the then world chess champion at the time, Garry Kasparov, but relatively few of us are aware of the fascinating developments in other narrow domains of skill where artificial intelligence is gaining ground at incredible speed.

An Algorithm that Learns like We Do

Virtual Sex: The Unspoken Driver of IoT Innovation

Heads up! I must warn you this article is likely NSFW – unfortunate, because it’s an important business story and addresses one of the primary business drivers for the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as other significant areas of technology innovation. But just as pornography quietly drove the initial growth of the videocassette recorder business and the World Wide Web itself, virtual sex is both leveraging and driving the development of several cutting-edge technologies, regardless of whether the topic offends our sensibilities.

Breakthrough Brain-Machine-Interface Learns Commands

Breakthrough Brain-Machine-Interface Learns Commands

One of the most popular applications for brain-computer-interfaces in in assistive health care, particularly to help people with physical and vocal disabilities. Recently, researchers at the Osaka University in Japan made a significant breakthrough by developing a brain-machine-interface (BMI) that has the capability to learn.

5 Short Videos of Killer Robot That Have a Reasonable Chance of Making You Lose Sleep

#WatchOutForTheRobots – The Latest in Robotic Rear-Search

It’s #WatchOutForTheRobots Wednesday!
“Watch out for the robots” is just a phrase we use whenever we see a crazy technology that clearly has the potential to be pretty darn scary if it ever were to go awry. No, no, this isn’t because we have a pessimistic view of the future (though phronesis in all technological developments / applications is important), we just love finding/sharing this stuff.
You might not expect one of the latest breakthroughs in robotic technology to be a smart derriere, but Dr. Benjamin Lok of the University of Florida, and Dr. Carla Pugh, of the University of Wisconsin, have designed just that, and if you're a man, this electronic posterior may one day save your life.