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Unifying AI Initiatives and Focusing on Impact

One of Australasia’s Largest Banks Unifies Their AI Efforts

The following is a case study for Emerj's AI Opportunity Landscape research. To learn more about how we help companies develop winning AI strategies and identify the highest-ROI applications, watch the two-minute video summary of our AI Opportunity Landscape research.
The bank had many scattered AI projects, but struggled with:

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Online Education Company Improves Customer Support with Autosuggestion of Macros

Technology Provider: DigitalGenius is an artificial intelligence solutions provider for customer service operations.

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Automotive Repair Equipment OEM uses AI to Monetize Repair Service Data

Tech Provider: Predii - a company which specializes in building AI platforms designed for repair and maintenance services in the industrial equipment and automotive sector

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The Department of Homeland Security Uses AI-Enhanced Entity Resolution for its Global Travel Assessment System (GTAS)

Tech Provider: TAMR - a company that automates the organization of a company’s enterprise-wide data through a machine learning-driven plus human-guided solution

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Smart Home Services Provider Automates Report Creation with AI and Customer Data

Technology Provider: Automated Insights is a provider of natural language generation platform, Wordsmith, that converts big data into narratives or summary understandable by humans

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User Engagement Company Improves Lead Quality Using Predictive Analytics

Technology Provider: Ignite Technologies (which acquired Infer, a Mountain View, CA-based marketing optimization and machine learning company).

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Smart Home Services Provider Uses Natural Language Generation to Create Highly Personalized Website Copy

Technology Provider: Automated Insights is a provider of a natural language generation platform, Wordsmith, that converts big data into narratives or summaries understandable by humans.

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Microsoft Gets the Pulse of Customer Sentiment with Natural Language Processing

Tech Provider: Lexalytics - A natural language processing and text analytics software and service provider.
Client Company: Microsoft - A multinational technology company which develops, licenses, sells and supports software, hardware, and services.
Industry: Consumer goods
Function: Business intelligence and analytics, Process automation
Tech Provider Contact Person: Charles Le Gros